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Since the company was established during 2003, Wesal Shipping LLC has built a proven reputation as a leading provider of both onshore and offshore services within the UAE, with offices within Dubai, Fujairah and Khor Fakkan. Wesal Shipping was formed according to an aim to serve vessels on the eastern and western coasts of the UAE, with its Dubai office servicing vessels calling at the Dubai, Jebel Ali, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah ports, while its full fledged branch office at Fujairah meets the needs of vessels sailing within Fujairah and Khor Fakkan waters. “Our offices in Dubai, Fujairah and Khor Fakkan are are well equipped with modern communication facilities to provide round the clock services to our valuable customers. We also have a fleet of nine crew boats manned by efficient and experienced crew capable of rendering smooth and uninterrupted services,” elaborates Wesal Shipping CEO, Captain Yazdan Panah. “Our boats working at Dubai, Fujairah and Khor Fakkan for agency and offshore activities sail under the UAE flag with Dubai as the port of registry. The vessels are classed by reputed classification agencies and are certified for operating within UAE waters by the UAE government organisations.”

Wesal Shipping presently serves in excess of 1200 vessels calling at UAE ports under its agency each year that use the company’s crew boats for port services. The broad base of typical activities undertaken by Wesal Shipping can include services such as acting as vessel agents within UAE ports; crew handling; the supply of provisions and stores; clearing and forwarding of ship spares; supply of bunker and fresh water; medical assistance to ship personnel; organising ship repair; the arrangement of under water cleaning; surveys; and ship-to-ship cargo transfers, fender jobs and anchoring jobs. Further to its activities within local waters, Wesal Shipping also charters its crew boats for offshore work at ports within Persian Gulf countries including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Iraq while assisting both small and international oil companies such as McDermott, Saipem and Technip.

The company’s current fleet is comprised of nine vessels that include both crew boats and multi-purpose fire fighting and utility vessels. The crew boats are handled by professional crews and incorporate modern amenities, as well as a carrying capacity of 60 tonnes of cargo and 60 passengers. These allow Wesal to provide its comprehensive range of offshore services and each vessel is designed with performance in mind. “Our crew vessels are made using aluminium so they are light and can achieve good speeds. We currently have seven crew boats based at Dubai, Fujairah and Khor Fakkan that provide agency services and two new crew boats specifically for chartering roles. We have recently placed an order for a new offshore vessel, which should be ready for operation by the end of 2016,” Yazdan reveals. “The Wesal fleet has provided services to almost all of the oil and gas fields in the Persian Gulf region and we currently intend to try to win further work in Iran now that sanctions against the state have been lifted. It is likely that Iran will represent a new market with plenty of work that could not previously be done due to the sanctions.”

Although the drop in the cost of oil has slowed activity in oil and gas exploration and production, there remains a need to carry out maintenance operations and scheduled servicing operations. This has allowed Wesal Shipping to continue to work with oil and gas clients looking for an agency partner that is able to deliver services quickly and efficiently as operators look for cost-saving solutions. “All of the nations within the Persian Gulf region have abundant oil and gas reserves, with oil and gas installations that require maintenance and further development, so clients are all in need of servicing and renovation of their installations,” Yazdan says. “The companies dealing with the above jobs are in need of offshore vessels, they need speciality crew boats for transporting technicians, tools and provisions as quickly as possible. This is the reason that new crew boats have come into the market in order to travel quickly with a large number of passenger seats as well as large deck space for transporting materials and goods.”

While the price of oil remains low the level of activity within the oil and gas sector will inevitably remain slow as operators look to make savings until confidence in the market returns. Despite the challenges resulting from the slowdown of oil and gas operations, Wesal Shipping continues to provide vital services to its clients and is confident that the market will gradually stabilise resulting in greater opportunities in the future. “As far as the present situation regarding offshore work is concerned, it is true that the low cost of oil has had a negative impact with some offshore projects being put on hold. The present situation will not remain indefinitely and we think it will improve, although not in the short term. It is unlikely that the industry will see an oil price of above $100 per barrel but process may stabilise at between $60 and $70 per barrel in 2017,” Yazdan concludes. “Wesal have been present in Dubai for the last 13 years carrying out the same jobs, with a dedicated staff and crew that are capable of providing professional services and operational vessels with very good technical specifications. Our aim is and will continue to be to satisfy customers by providing the best level of service possible.

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