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Established in 1989, Insatech A/S has been focused on automation and instrumentation since its inception, and, with more than 25 years of experience, it has become a strong partner for customers and suppliers alike. With a mission to be a trustworthy and competent partner, the company has developed long standing relationships with some of the leading manufacturers within instrumentation and automation across the globe. Continuously striving for the best possible solution within automation and instrumentation, the company boasts enviable knowledge and experience of the maritime industry in business segments such as process instrumentation and calibration equipment, automation control and data acquisition; the system design, engineering and validation of DCS and safety systems as well as marine and ship solutions.

A recent successful project for Insatech Marine took place in 2015, when Team Tankers International chose the company’s Performance Monitoring System to ensure continued success in an increasingly competitive freight market. Continuously searching for ways to enhance their fleet’s performance in order to stay competitive, Team Tankers knew that in order to optimise, they first needed to measure; in response to this the company researched a number of options before installing a performance monitoring system from Insatech Marine. After only three months the benefits are already emerging.

As a worldwide chemical carrier, the key to Team Tankers International staying competitive is its ability to manage each voyage thoroughly. This means running a tight ship by focusing on fuel and energy consumption and by enhancing crew awareness, as well as implementing fleet wide optimisation projects. However, as technical project manager Henrik Marloth explains: “If we can’t measure the effect of a project, we can’t optimise. We needed a tool to monitor performance.” Team Tankers considered several different systems, but the choice fell on Insatech Marine’s performance monitoring system. “The platform is great and the system is very flexible; if we decide to add new measures, we can do so. We have had influence on the system and could design it almost as we wanted, which has been really important to us. Furthermore we wanted to own the data, which we do with the performance monitoring system.”

Crew awareness: The cornerstone of performance optimisation success
“The performance monitoring system does not earn you money – unless you apply awareness,” says Henrik Marloth. Having done so, Henrik sees a clear advantage: “We are able to operate our ships more efficiently; furthermore our staff at shore are able to view the same data and trends. It’s a valuable tool, which the crew has really adopted. One of our captains called it liberating to always know how the vessel was performing against the KPI’s.”

Henrik describes the system as a decision enabler, aiding operator and vessel senior management in determining the best course of action: “If the expected voyage conditions changes, for example, due to bad weather, and thereby increases bunker consumption higher than planned, we can, as a team (ship-shore), act immediately and decide our best course of action. In the past we had limited information and basically we could only conclude upon voyage result at each voyage completion. However, now we are able to take more factors into consideration, when we decide whether to keep the same speed or change it. The factors can be weather, next voyage and other commercial factors. The goal is to be able to optimise our performance in real time, and we are convinced that we will be able to so with the performance monitoring system.”

Annual savings based on recent performance system optimisations
Though the installation of the performance system was made in the summer of 2015, Henrik explains that after only three months they have already made some interesting discoveries, which will translate into huge annual savings. “Based on the data we were able to reduce fuel consumption significantly, as the data has allowed us to optimise trim and compare sister vessels, to thereby increase vessel performance.” Trim optimising is an important performance factor, however Team Tankers International also has other goals, such as reduction and better utilisation of generators by reducing parallel operation and reducing the power consumption.

Testing and verification of pilot projects
The system has several uses. By creating a valid baseline Team Tankers International evaluates pilot projects to find the most feasible investments before rolling it out on fleet level. “Currently we are evaluating high end antifouling products on our hull and propeller coating.” The goal is to verify that the products are complying with the manufacturer’s specifications. Furthermore, a reduction in hull cleaning and propeller polishing is expected. Other enhancements such as propeller boss cap fin are at the moment being evaluated using the performance system.

“By utilising the system and data we will be able to verify and confirm which types of antifouling products are most optimal, as well as the timing of hull and propeller cleaning,” says Henrik.

Based on the initial experience with the performance system Henrik says: “We expect to cut down our total fuel consumption with three to five per cent per ship/year, but that is probably a little conservative.” While technical tests and projects are now possible to evaluate, Henrik stresses that the ultimate benefit of the system is the crew awareness and the added value it will create. “Without it you cannot leverage consumption reductions or operational optimisation,” he concludes.

With Team Tankers just one example of Insatech Marine’s capabilities when it comes to delivering customer satisfaction through innovation and reliability, the future looks positive for the company as it continues to help optimise performance and co-operation between ship and shore.

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