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From its base in Poole within Dorset, Jenkins Marine Ltd has developed an expert reputation for the delivery of a variety of marine services comprising vessel charter, dredging services and facilities management. Jenkins Marine was founded during 1988 and continues to operate as a family business, managing a fleet of specialist vessels including hopper barges, deck cargo barges, multi-role vessels, motor tugs, modular pontoons and workboats. The diverse fleet of vessels and equipment maintained by Jenkins Marine matches the diverse needs of the company’s clients and it operates to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers with a both professional and personal approach. Because the business values its clients and is able to nimbly adapt to their needs, Jenkins Marine enjoys many long-lasting and profitable relationships with operators throughout the marine sector. Additionally the company also operates as an approved contractor for several local authorities and industry players, including registry on the Construction line pre-approved contractor database.

Jenkins Marine was previously featured in Shipping & Marine magazine in September 2014, during which time Managing Director, Dan Jenkins discussed the company’s ambition to maintain a modern fleet of vessels including the 2013 acquisition of a 25 metre multi-cat Avon. Over the past 18 months the business has continued to focus on the development of its fleet to address the diverse needs of its clients. During June 2015 for example, the company announced the purchase of two additional deck barges in response to an increasing client demand for stable marine platforms to accommodate larger equipment. JML18 represents the smaller vessel with dimensions of 18m x 12m x 1.2m and a cargo capacity of 75 tons while JML50 boasts dimensions of 50m x 14m x 3m, making it one the largest vessels in the Jenkins Marine fleet. Both vessels will provide additional stable work platforms for the company’s increasingly busy deck barge contingent and are designed as swim-ended, rectangular, flat top deck cargo barges with two spud legs for precise position holding and a shallow draft that makes the craft suitable for work close to shore. Each barge also features a large deck load capacity for bulk cargoes including rock and heavy plant.

Originally built in 2009 and operated by Neptune Marine in Holland, JML50 today also represents one of the newest vessels within the Jenkins Marine fleet. With her newly installed spud legs and impressive 1300 tonne capacity, JML50 will allow clients the option of using large construction items, including crawler cranes, for marine projects. “The addition of these two vessels clearly demonstrates our continued commitment the needs of our customers and the importance we place on offering them greater choice and flexibility. When we saw JML50 come up for sale for example, we thought that the vessel would complement our existing fleet of flattop barges as we frequently get enquiries from customers for larger barges and we felt that the barge would fit it in well with the fleet as a ‘next size up’ solution,” Dan says. “When we bought the vessel it was located in Ostend, so we sent one of our own tugs, the Handfast to bring her over. It was delivered to ship repair company Manor Marine that worked on the vessel to make it ready for service. JML50 is now in great condition with a new MCA loadline certificate and is ready to go.”

During November 2015 Jenkins Marine also announced the increasing versatility of its workboats through the addition of the JML RIB to its fleet. JML RIB was previously owned by Red7Marine and is a highly manoeuvrable, twin inboard diesel engine ridged inflatable that is ideal for crew support duties, safety work, dive support operations and as a working platform. The vessel is certified for MCA Cat. 3 Workboat Code of Practice and has all the required safety equipment. It has a capacity of up to six persons including crew and its own road towable trailer for delivery. It comes with a customised set of certified lifting slings for a single point overhead lift as required. Rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) are regarded as one of the safest ways to transport people and equipment over long or short distances at sea in the most challenging of conditions. “JML RIB’s manoeuvrability and a top speed of 30 knots makes her our fastest vessel and a valuable addition to what is already a versatile and wide ranging work boat fleet,” Dan exclaims.

The company’s investment into developing its fleet has also been complemented by an active order book that has seen Jenkins Marine complete several, technically demanding operations across a range of applications. “We have been relatively busy of the past 18 months, which is very positive,” Dan elaborates. “There are two main parts of our business, one of which is the hire and charter of either manned or unmanned vessels, while the other aspect of our operations involves the provision of a full dredging service – this has been very busy in the past six months.”

Projects completed by Jenkins Marine in recent months include salvage and maintenance dredging operations throughout the UK. All of its operations require the company to meet demanding levels of industry standards, as well as high levels of environmental legislation. “It is interesting when we work with contaminated sediments for example, as this has been a hot topic for several years and contaminated mud requires special measures to deal with. Therefore any work that involves any contaminated mud is naturally quite heavily regulated and it is a requirement to be qualified to a high standard to work in that environment,” Dan observes. “We have a good customer base in this area and every year we work with several customers, including port authorities such as Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight where we have a term maintenance-dredging contract.”

During the course of its operations, Jenkins Marine has formed several working relationships with several providers of specialist equipment. The company’s relationship with WM Plant Hire and its Managing Director Damian McGettrick, for example has lasted over two decades. “We have worked together with WM Plant Hire for many years now and created a great working relationship with Damien,” Dan explains. “We have come trust the reliability of their excavators and the experience of their operators. The vessel of choice for working with WM’s larger long reach excavators such as their CAT 345 is usually the Doreen Dorward, on such projects as dredging the deep water quays of the Port of Jersey.”

A defining moment in the development of Jenkins Marine was the founding of a sister company named Jenkins Marine Oilfield Services. Starting in March 2016 with a contract for Perenco UK the new company will be operating vessels within Poole Harbour to transport passengers, freight and equipment to and from the oil wells located on Furzey Island, part of the Wytch Farm oil field. Operations on the island are expected to continue day and night 365 days a year and some 13 new employees have been bought onboard to help deliver continued support services and maintain this activity. As an exciting addition to the existing business, the activities of Jenkins Marine are easily transferable to Jenkins Marine Oilfield Services, offering the company significant opportunity for the future. “It has been a lot of work but the company is all set up now and it has been a relatively smooth transition,” Dan concludes. “We certainly hope that the relationship with our main client will result in further work that may make use of the other Jenkins Marine vessels. While focusing on this business we will also keep our eyes open for new vessels that either complement or replace parts of our existing fleet.”

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