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The Gdansk Shiprepair Yard Remontowa SA, part of the Remontowa Holding capital group, has developed a reputation for excellence since its establishment in the marine industry in 1952. Privatised in 2001, Remontowa SA today is a leader among European ship repair yards and has become a major player on the world market thanks to its long-term expertise in ship conversion and repairs, financial stability and coveted facilities. Indeed, Remontowa SA currently has the largest repair and conversion yard in Poland; it is also one of the biggest in the world.

Discussing the history of the specialist shipyard is Director of Commerce at Remontowa, Jan Paszkowski: “Remontowa Shipbuilding SA was established in June 1945; in the first phase of its existence it was named Shipyard No. 3 and its activity covered the construction and repairs of wagons, tramways and small ships. In the early 1950s, the Shipyard resigned from the manufacture of wagons and began to specialise in the construction of fishing vessels, as well as small cargo and scientific research vessels. It was also in 1955 that the Shipyard began to build navy ships and technical vessels.

“In the last decades of the 20th century, Remontowa Shipbuilding SA extended its offer to car-passenger ferries, fishing vessels, tugboats, offshore support and cargo vessels. We currently belong to Capital Group Remontowa Holding SA, and membership to Remontowa Holding SA gives us an opportunity to offer complete technical solutions, which greatly increases competitiveness of the shipyard in the rapidly changing worldwide shipbuilding market.”

Today the company specialises in the building of a wide range of advanced vessels for a diverse customer base that includes Siem Offshore AS, BC Ferries, Port of Tallinn and the Algerian Navy. Vessels constructed at the shipyard include cable lay vessels, rescue vessels, PSV’s, container vessels, open deck carriers and LNG/LPG/LEG carriers; navy ships, training ships, hydrographic ships, patrol boats, multi-function buoy tenders, tugs and fishing vessels. These ships sail under the flags of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Singapore and the US.

Since Remontowa SA was previously featured in Shipping & Marine in September 2015, the company has remained busy with a number of notable projects including a prestigious contract to build a series of four modern platform supply vessels for Siem Offshore, one of the biggest Norwegian offshore fleet owners; the first of the contracted vessels, Siem Pride, left the shipyard in November 2015. On top of this, the company has also completed works on an arctic supply vessel with high Ice Class for Danish Owner Royal Arctic Line (RAL), which left the shipyard in March 2016, and handed over the avant-garde cable lay vessel Siem Aimery, in April 2016. The multipurpose offshore support vessel, Avalon Sea, was later completed in May 2016.

Alongside completing these projects, Remontowa SA has also invested in its facilities by increasing its launch capacity. With two new launch places where boats can be moved to the dock, the company will be able to simultaneously build bigger vessels and move them once the final connection is completed in June 2016. “Presently 14 vessels of different types are being built in Remontowa Shipbuilding. These include three platform supply vessels, five car to passenger ferries, four cargo vessels, one minehunter and one training sail ship.The diversity and number of simultaneously carried out projects has made it necessary to modernise infrastructure and make new investments, one of which is a new line for vessel assembly,” says Jan. “The new technological line is designed for the mounting and moving of vessels, with the possibility of launching ships up to 130 metres long; this increase in the number of units under construction at the same time is facilitated by a self-propelled gantry crane, which is equipped with a hydraulic vibration compensation system that stabilises it, even when it is moving on uneven ground.”

This strategic investment follows the company’s investment in a production hall that is devoted to naval ships that opened in April 2014. The hall has been fitted with special devices such as monitoring and filtering systems to prevent air pollution inside the hall through the intake of iron fillings from the outside production site, which contains a high amount of polluting materials. This investment also ensures the company complies with the stringent requirements necessary for working with non-magnetic steel.

Although the number of projects simultaneously taking place at the shipyard has at times posed challenges for the company in terms of the limited resources that could be put into the work, Remontowa SA has continued to carefully plan and optimise operational activity during every working hour to successfully deliver high quality services to its broad customer base. This flexibility is set to continue as the company’s full order book has expanded into 2018.

Despite the enviable level of work that it has accumulated, Remontowa is to continue its plans for expansion as ship owners and operators search for high quality, fuel-efficient vessels. With opportunities for growth available on a global scale, the shipyard looks set to fill another order book over the next 12 months.

Remontowa SA

  • Leading European shipyard
  • Full order book until 2018
  • Recently increased launch capacity