More than just seaworthy

For more than 30 years Anytec has strived to build the world’s best aluminum boats. The same guiding principles have accompanied it throughout: an absolutely uncompromising attitude with regard to materials and construction. This motivates it to further develop what is already the best product on the market. This year, Anytec returns stronger, faster and better equipped to meet the challenges of the sea than ever before. However, one thing will never change: its unique hull design.

Beginning its operations in the 1960s, Anytec made the strategic decision to become a renowned builder of the best quality aluminium boats for private use during the mid 1990s. During these formative years, the company focused on constructing ships that could perform well throughout all seasons of the year and even the most demanding of customer requirements. Indeed, by providing the best materials, components and construction skills over the last 20 years, Anytec has grown into a global leader of aluminium vessel construction. By the 1970s the dockyard Öregrundsvarvet acquired more and more contracts for building both passenger boats as well as working boats in aluminium. Over time the dockyard grew to become one of the leading Swedish companies for welding and boat build in aluminium. Anytec eventually faced a demand that outstripped what the current facility could cope with so in 2004 the company invested in a new larger base of operations.

After several busy years Anytec once again needed to expand and over a decade later has now completed its 2014 plans to increase the capacity of the business, which was required due to the success of the products. Head of sales and marketing David Stenlund provided some details: “We have expanded our facilities in Riga with a new building of 1500 metres squared, we did this to make production more sufficient.” AnytecThis will help to protect the company’s future, ensuring that it is always producing its ships in the most efficient and effective ways. The improvements made are a byproduct of the continued high sales that Anytec achieves, it is also a clear indication of commitment the company has to reinvest its success, which was something David discussed: “We invest continuously in production and the latest investment is a new milling cutting machine, new bending machine, turn milling machine, that was installed during the summer.” The machinery will mean that Anytec can further improve on the production that it currently has, and persist in providing innovative, modern, and high quality boats.

Anytec has a catalogue of expert designed boats, built with the latest technology to the very highest standard with customers in mind. The ambition of the company is not to simply build a boat that works – which other companies can achieve – instead it is to go further and to build something that is designed to combat every situation a boat can face at sea. This approach must be effective as the company is currently the world’s leading aluminium boat producer. David gave a few reasons why its customers choose Anytec: “We believe our strengths are: High performance hulls – only welded parts, no screws, our boats are handmade, built in jigs – the brand is also well-known, with a good reputation. I also think that the way in which we design the boats, they have a stylish presentation that is attractive and makes us different from our competition.”

The boats themselves are worth highlighting, as the company makes the finest in the sector, and David provided an insight of recent improvements that have been made: “We have had a focus on giving a face lift to all the SPD models, plus the development of the appearance on the 747CAB and 868CAB. Also on our biggest models – the 747, 750, 860 and 868 – we have launched new chair stands of the highest quality, and added Ohlins racing performance, which are now standard on our biggest models.” David went on to outline some other models that have seen improvements: “The 868CAB hull has been redesigned for better driving performance, and on the 750SPD we have added bow thrusters from 2016. On the 747CAB we have improved sound isolation by using better sound absorber material.” These developments will make the boats more effective, in addition to making sailing it a more pleasurable experience.

The investments in new facilities and machines are not the only investment that Anytec embarked on, there has also been the development of new products, something that David was keen to highlight: “We are launching a completely new model this autumn called the 1221, it will be our flagship model in our range, it will be equipped with four engines – Mercury Verado R400 – and will also include the joystick system. This boat will only be built on order, and we have already had some orders made for it, though it will not be launched until the end of August and it will be in Stockholm.”

Anytec has changed a great deal from the company that began in the 1960s, but it has held true to the values and ambitions that were already in place then, a commitment to innovation and becoming the best at what it does. It has paired continued success and sales with further innovation and investment. Anytec has become the world leader at aluminium boat building, and if it continues in this way then it will hold its position at the top for many more years to come.


New facilities
Improved models
Completely new designs