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Europlan Engineering Ltd is a leading project management company within the marine industry in Finland. At its core, there is a focus on solving challenging turnkey deliveries in both domestic and foreign shipyards. Europlan’s business strategy is based on a turnkey supply concept that offers its customers complete solutions – that start from the planning stages right through to the design and material procurement, and then finally onto the installation and post-delivery support. One of the company’s key strengths that it has forged a reputation for over the years is its strong understanding of the industry it works in. What it does is all based on a strong in-house expertise and cost-effective project management, as well as working with a wide range of co-operation partners, which allows it to find the very best solutions for every customer and every requirement.

There are a number of areas and sectors that Europlan provides its expertise for, all of which the company takes great pride in supporting. Europlan’s complete turnkey delivery includes all the necessary steps needed in the marine field, from design, project management, installation of ventilation, piping, cable trays and cables, insulation furniture, together with material procurement and post-delivery support. The company aims to begin involvement in the project at the earliest possible stage, and it is ready to work as close to the customer as possible in order to find the best solutions to all matters related to design, supply, and installation. Europlan specialises in turnkey projects within cabin and public areas. For cabin projects, it has been involved in both passenger and crew cabin areas, and has also developed a strong experience through working with onsite build suites.

It also has public area projects that include numerous casinos, restaurants, bars, pantries, dining rooms and conference spaces. The work Europlan does in shipping also extends to refurbishments and conversions. The company has experience in international conversion and refurbishment projects for Luxury Cruise Liners dating back to 1999, and it includes hundreds of new or refurbished cabins and bathrooms, as well as thousands of square feet of public spaces with design and technical deliveries included.

Its skilful project management, as well as the flexible subcontracting network makes it possible for the company to carry out multiple projects at same time all over the world. The company is ready to start the work already at the architectural design phase – it also offers 3D rendering materials to support the refurbishment and conversion planning. Material procurement and installation will then follow and everything ends with a high quality post-delivery support.

Europlan also offers its services to the offshore industry, both in design services and turnkey deliveries. In terms of design – its delivery can include complete project supervision, basic and advanced design and drawings, as well as material procurement or other tailor-made combinations. Europlan has a wide network of ship design companies, and its global network includes over 250 designers from various marine engineering fields. Within its turnkey delivery, Europlan can once again provide everything from start to finish, ensuring that all of its customers are provided with the peace of mind in knowing that the project is being handled by an experienced and talented group that will find the best outcome for each and every project. The third area that Europlan plies its service is within industry – it can offer all of the same range of options, from design up to post-delivery support.

Europlan is able to do this as it already has over a decade of experience in designing high quality paper machine hoods for the paper industry, containers for the chemical industry, and making layouts and piping charts. It also delivers expertise for duct work, machine hall ventilation, fan rooms, heat receiver towers, service platforms, floor hatches, pulp dryers, air dryers and infra dyers. It does this with all the determination as it does any other industry or any other project, Europlan always ensures a project gets the best people working on it. The company offers the same high quality services to all of these areas, and takes great pride in being involved throughout an entire project – seeing it through to its successful completion.

The final area that Europlan provides for is the construction industry. These services are provided by its affiliate company Hermann’s Finland Ltd. This company is a production technology company that specialises in demanding interior solutions. In its workshop Hermann’s has CNC machines for glass, stone, metal and wood, and in addition, a top-class surface treatment station and 3D design system for interior solutions. Hermann’s strengths are modular and intelligent interior components and furniture as well as 3D planning and modern CNC manufacturing machines.

Europlan holds itself to the highest standard – it should therefore come as no surprise that the company provides some of the leading supply contracts for its industry. Regardless of what sector its customers are in, be it shipbuilding, offshore, industry, or construction, Europlan is a reliable solutions provider, that will find its customers the best outcome for every project.

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