Setting standards in bulk

Gestion Maritime SAM is a ship management firm that has been managing dry cargo bulk carrier deep-sea vessels and medium size product carriers. Choosing to expand operations, the company also offers a comprehensive range of high quality shipping services and tonnages for the worldwide seaborne transportation of cargoes such as iron ore, coal and grains, as well as bauxite, fertilisers, steel products, refined oil products and easy chemicals

Gestion Maritime re-established a presence in the liquid bulk sector with the addition of two new build medium range (MRs) tankers under its direct management in 2015. Able to handle both dry bulk and liquid thanks to this investment, the company has not only strengthened its capabilities in the challenging shipping market, but also boosted its fleet with vessels that are cutting edge when it comes to technology and quality. The two MRs have already been awarded a long term contract to top market European operators. To ensure the diversification into this new segment is successful, Gestion Maritime has upgraded its whole team and reviewed the management system in order to meet the demanding requirements of its clients.

Indeed, with performance, innovation and customer focus at the heart of its operations, the privately owned Gestion Maritime has become trusted for its ability to promptly respond to market changes and the demands of customers. For example, in response to charterers demanding more speed/cons ratios so they can optimise their voyages and maximise margins in all circumstances, the company complies with all requirements by retrofitting fuel saving devices and equipment to increase competitiveness when it comes to slow steaming speed/cons ratios. The company has also successfully obtained ISO 50001 certification for energy management on board and has been actively working on the reduction of CO2, NOx, and SOx emissions over recent years, with further improvements to come in the future.

After having disposed over aged tonnages in the last 24 months, presently Gestion Maritime has six dry bulk vessels, Dragon, Ines Corrado, Elena, Francesco Corrado, GB Corrado and Jupiter, which were added to the company’s fleet in May 2012, February 2012, February 2009, May 2008, March 2008 and June 2006 respectively. The company has also started in the second half of 2016 a new building program both in tanker and dry segment. While the 81,389 DWT Dragon has a D+ Rightship emission rating and the 81,272 DWT Ines Corrado has a D rating, the remaining vessels have an emission rating of B. This rating, based on the vessel’s performance, proves Gestion Maritime’s drive for energy efficiency and management on board has delivered strong results.

With reliability and reputation key drivers for company growth, Gestion Maritime’s management system is today split into nine segments: commercial, technical, operation, crew; insurance & claim, newbuild projects, financial & accounting, project finance & fund raising and R&D. This means that Gestion Maritime’s customers benefit from a one-stop-shop management concept, which is particularly important due to regulations and international conventions demanding systems that are increasingly more integrated, as Danilo Fumarola, CEO at Gestion Maritime discussed with Shipping & Marine in May 2015: “A holistic approach to ship management is unavoidable today and our code of best management practices are now interchangeable and can be flexibly deployed on different types of vessels. Our solutions will be capable of delivering extra quality and significant added value.”

He added: “We try to go beyond the normal concept of managing vessels and focusing on volumes to generate profits. So instead we work to make our clients’ vessels different from those of their peers. We want to make it possible for our customers to be able to employ their vessels more easily at a premium, as well as work on the competitiveness of their ships so they can create strategies on asset differentiation rather than discounting prices.”

Making this possible is the company’s innovative approach to business, which is based on novel ship designs in order to meet the highest quality, safety and security requirements and face the latest performance Maritimechallenges. The company also focuses on innovation in technology through R&D on fuels, materials and automation, in order to reduce emissions and pursue sustainability through backing all social and environmental regulatory issues. The company also focuses on innovation when it comes to tools and systems to enhance communication, data management, risk management and achieve information superiority to lower operating costs and risks while also increasing reliability and responsiveness in all services. In fact, the company is currently seeking to adopt or develop a new safety management system (SMS), a cutting edge user-friendly system that can be used for a wide range of vessels.

While competitive strengths such as in-house management, competitive opex costs, top quality services and an innovative approach to operations has cemented Gestion Maritime’s reputation as a shipping company to trust, the forward-thinking firm is keen to continue its excellent track record of customer satisfaction through further diversification. Indeed, during his last discussion with Shipping & Marine, Danilo discussed the company’s plans to earn ISO 20001 certification to set the standards of vessel dismantling: “These standards are designed to think about demolition in a different way. We want be at the vanguard of future demand for ship recycling rather than simply ship scrapping and, above all, strongly demand better standards for labour engaged in demolition processes.”

He continued: “On the dry bulk sector, we are of the view that there is plenty of modern tonnage, which can easily be retrofitted and is perfectly capable of competing with the so called super-eco designs; particularly as long as the industry will slow steam the fleet as a consequence of high bunker prices and moderate freight rates.”

Firmly believing a forward-thinking strategy is essential to continued success, Gestion Maritime is aware that it is operating in an industry fraught with change, challenges and development. By preserving its DNA and adapting it to modern times, the traditional yet dynamic Gestion Maritime is certain to maintain its strong foothold in the dry bulk and liquid bulk markets.

Gestion Maritime
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Celebrated 108 years in operation in 2016