Ship Shape

With a history that rivals the complexity of its name, Özata Tersanecilik ve Gemi Insa Sirketi (Özata Shipyard) was founded in 1985 in Tuzla, Istanbul. Operations began with the company performing steel sheet processing and piping works of newly and rebuilt ships; this service continued until 2002, when Özata Shipyard’s founder, Özdemir Ataseven made the required investments to bring the company forward into shipbuilding. Through discussions with government authorities the business acquired a 46,000 square metre site in the Altinova area, Yalova, where it has remained since.

Today Özata Shipyard is established on a 60,000 square metre area, where it builds yachts, mega yachts, special purpose research and rescue boats (SAR boats), passenger ships and carbon fiber body catamaran ferries. With an annual 20,000 tonne steel processing capacity, experienced and competent personnel and a focus on delivering high quality, innovative solutions, Özata has developed a solid reputation as a shipyard capable of delivering world-class ships up to 30,000 deadweight tonnes.

Within its shipyard’s facilities is a technical capacity for carbon fiber production, which exists in few countries in the world; in fact, the company currently has a competitive edge in the industry, as it is the only yard capable of producing carbon fiber in Istanbul. As a requirement for this kind of production, the business has wood processing shops, fiber cutting shops, carbon fiber storage, a 2000 square metre factory with air conditioning system and a 10,000 square metre indoor production facility. Other features include 2600 KVA electric transformer and power capacity, a 700 square metre prefabrication workshop, a 12×60 metre biaxial CNC cutting machine; a capacity of 600 tonnes for bending press, an 8000 square metre block area for manufacturing; 2000 square metres of space for steel storage, 2000 square metres of storage space and 1000 square metres of space for a social facility.

These facilities ensure Özata Shipyard can fabricate all structural sections, either for repair, conversion or newbuild through the utilisation of its fully equipped mechanical workshop and experienced personnel that are able to dismantle, inspect and repair the complex components of vessels. As all modern vessels are equally highly dependent on electrical power, Özata Shipyard employs a team of electrical engineers that can check, test and maintain all equipment on board. Recognising the complexity of the skills within the company, the order books continue to grow in a healthy way.

When it comes to equipment, meanwhile, Özata Shipyard boasts three 15 tonne cranes, one 2×50 tonne crane, one 2×25 tonne crane, one 7.5 tonne crane; three ten tonne cranes, one five tonne forklift, one ten tonne forklift; one 35 tonne mobile crane, one 35 tonne mobile crane, one 30 tonne mobile crane; two ten tonne closed space overhead cranes and two five tonne closed space overhead cranes. This wide range of cranes ensures customers receive a quick and efficient service.

Committed to quality, the shipyard works in compliance with international standards and classification regulations and is regulated by ISO standards 9001- 14001-18001, operating with the best possible facilities and working on groundbreaking projects in composite aluminium steel and reinforced plastics.

Recently completed projects for Özata Shipyard include the tenth of 15 new passenger ships that were ordered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; the M/F Sait Altinordu follows the nine ships that have already been put into service: Çakabey, 9 Eylül, 1881 Atatürk, Soma 301, Dario Moreno, Attila Ilhan, Foça, Cengiz Kocatoros and Gürsel Aksel.

Referred to as ‘Ships of the Future’, the environmentally friendly vessels boast a longer life expectancy, lighter construction in comparison to steel and also consume less fuel. They were also built through the use of carbon composite materials and have catamaran type hulls that ensure fuel saving when sailing at high speeds. The hulls will also provide ergonomic criteria such as high and comfortable maneuverability, comfortable and spacious passenger halls and ease of boarding and landing. With operational efficiency ensured, the fuel and similar costs will be minimised. Manufactured through the utilisation of cutting-edge technology, the vessels were built with the goal of being handicapped friendly, while also delivering the highest level of passenger comfort and safety.

The company also delivered KIYEM 5 and KIYEM 6 multipurpose speed lifeboats to the Coastal Safety in June 2016. These 24.4 metre long and 6.6 metre wide aluminium vessels include 70 tonne full load displacement, have self righting capability and allow fast response to special conditions with six personnel. The ships can reach up to 27 knot speed thanks to its main drive system, which consists of two diesel engines (1×1080 kilowatts), two reduction gears, two shaft lines and two controllable propellers.

With nine projects currently underway, including the building of the remaining five passenger ships, Özata Shipyard continues to be in demand by those seeking high quality, innovative carbon composite based vessels. However, to remain competitive, Özata Shipyard will focus on developing the skills of employees while also continuing to exhibit at a number of shipping events to attract further contracts over the coming years.

Özata Shipyard
Build a wide range of vessels up to 30,000 dead weight tonnes
Only yard in Turkey capable of building full carbon fibre vessels
Strong order book