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Founded in 2007 by Stuart McNiven a former Ship’s Captain and Senior Maersk Manager with an initial focus on the management of anchor handling tugs/supply vessels for the oil and gas industry, Dalby Offshore spent the first few years in operation undertaking rig moving and supply contracts in locations such as Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa and the North Sea. In 2010 the company entered the offshore renewable energy industry with a multi-role vessel which provided an offshore bunkering facility during the construction phase of the Greater Gabbard wind farm. This was followed by the delivery of Dalby’s first owned crew transfer vessel, Dalby Esk, in 2011, which also went to work at Greater Gabbard. Today the company owns ten high specification crew transfer vessels and manages another three; it has worked at numerous wind farm projects around the UK as well as at wind farms off the coast of Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.

Within the wind farm sector, the company operates a fleet of fast, modern and purpose built wind farm support vessels that have been designed to deliver safety and comfort to passengers and crew in a harsh environment. Services include the transfer of technicians and materials to offshore turbines as well as other offshore structures and vessels, fuel transfer, ROV and dive support, emergency response, safety and guard duties.

Naturally this level of work has resulted in close working relationships with a range of clients including major blue chip organisations such as Siemens, SSE, 3 Sun, DONG, VBMS and Jan de Nul, Bohlen and Doyen to name but a few.

As Dalby provides high specification cost-effective offshore crew supply and support vessels to a broad range of clients in the renewable space, the company aims to deliver high quality solutions that meet the growing needs of both shipping and offshore wind farm sectors.

As such, its fleet of vessels have safely operated crew transfers on several high-profile operations. Dalby has completed many tens of thousands of safe transfers since 2010 and prides itself on a first-rate safety record.

For example, the company’s vessel Dalby Fortress, a vessel capable of transporting 41 passengers in high comfort and operates with three Dalby crew, recently assisted in the transportation of construction workers to the New Forth Road Bridge. Currently Scotland’s largest transport infrastructure project in generations, the New Forth Road Bridge will be the longest three tower cable bridge in the world when completed in 2017. With 1300 people working on site, Dalby has been proud to play a small part in this major project, which has also shown that its services are useful for not only supporting personnel transfers in the offshore renewable industry, but other major infrastructure projects too.

No stranger to diversifying services, the company also manages, charters and operates the ASV Pioneer, a 100 metre length and 120 berth barge. Suitable for a range of uses in the renewables industries where the barge’s deck and accommodation facilities can be utilised, the ASV Pioneer has high specification accommodation for up to 200 persons and a free deck area of more than 1100 square metres.

To date this barge has supported the lay of an export cable at the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm as well as a key role in the recovery of the Costa Concordia cruise ship; the vessel now has a niche role as an offshore cable repair vessel and was recently successful in supporting the completion of an export cable repair on the Riffgat Wind Farm off Borkum Island, Northern Germany in July 2016. Working closely with partners Bohlen & Doyen GmbH, Dalby completed the repair work in challenging sea conditions due to shallow waters and strong tidal currents. Through major projects such as these, the company has expanded its capabilities into sectors such as the marine salvage sector, which, with the owner’s background with Maersk adds an ideal diversification for the company.

A well established independent marine supplier to the growing offshore renewable sector across Europe, the ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 approved Dalby is a trusted and approved supplier to the main companies within this segment; a major achievement for the organisation.

In other areas of the business, Dalby Offshore has shown a commitment to enhancing its already high standards when it comes to HSE by and employ a dedicated HSE team.

Having achieved a solid reputation in the renewables, cable repair and specialist marine salvage support in a mere decade thanks to a strong fleet of high-spec, multipurpose work-boats a strong operational team, focused on detail and entrepreneurial spirit the future looks positive for Dalby Offshore. The owner of Dalby, Stuart McNiven says that in these trying times in the marine world companies such as Dalby must look at niche areas to develop. Dalby appears to be good at that.

Looking ahead, the key opportunity for Dalby over the coming years is for large Round 3 Windfarm developments around the UK, developing its cable capacity with removal/salvage projects.

Moreover, just in the UK, with 12 projects accounting for an additional 5.6 GW of offshore wind generation planned in the UK, Dalby had the strategic vision to develop the Port of Whitby into a port to support offshore wind energy, particularly the proposed Dogger Bank development; this will supply the UK with as much energy as all the collective wind farms to date. While there are strong opportunities for growth in the wind farm sector, the company is keen to maintain a strong presence in all areas it provides services while also potentially increasing its current market position and size with a more divestment into the power cable repair business and possible acquisitions as its chosen market consolidates.

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