A stronger service

Founded in 1995 by marine engineer Richard Gardiner, who began his career in the Merchant Navy before progressing to the rank of Chief Engineer on private yachts, Global Services began operations by delivering from shore support to yacht engineers in need of a reliable source of engineering spares. Shipping these items to the locations these engineers were operating in the world, the business grew rapidly. Despite this significant growth, the company’s ethos remained the same: always make the customer’s life simple.

Key to making this possible is the company’s staff, many of whom have experience of working in the merchant and private yachting sector. Strengthening the capability and expertise of employees is strongerGlobal Services’ adaptability, as it evolved to offer a comprehensive supply service that could satisfy all on-board departments including engineering, deck, galley, security, interior and water sports.

In recent years, Global Services made the strategic decision to focus an arm of the business on the supply of specialist services for newbuild projects; this includes inventory services, packaging and storage solutions. Additionally, the company’s bespoke purchasing system allows the team to track orders and quotes, which thus gives access to a real-time reporting function, while also providing transparency, to the customer. Launching in 2011, this specialist division consolidated more than 15 years of newbuild project expertise from the company working on over 300 newbuild projects, ranging from 30 metres to more than 160 metres. This business segment also offers a comprehensive inventory service; this includes cataloguing all major onboard equipment and listing the spares that will be required during the yacht’s lifetime. Since its inception, this division has increasingly grown in demand as it continues to deliver high quality services such as storage and consolidated shipping, specialist labelling and ba coding, and yacht inventory.

“There are effectively two strings to Global Services’ bow. The service side supports the superyacht fleet as it moves around the world in periods of layup, refit or when the vessel is on charter or with owners onboard. There is also the newbuild side, which supports yachts that are being newly built and commissioned in shipyards across the world, with a focus predominately on European shipyards as well as those in the Mediterranean,” says Nicholas Warren, CEO of the Burgess Marine Group of Companies. “This total service offering stems from the ethos of the founder, which is simple: ‘if there is anything that a superyacht requires, we can source it’. This ethos has gone onto become the company’s mission statement as it operates in four channels, engineering, deck, galley and interior, working with respective crew members, management companies or owners representatives to ensure that goods and equipment are supplied as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.”

With 18 years in operation behind it, Global Services has developed a solid reputation as a company that can supply, efficiently and competitively, anything that is found on a superyacht today; from a teaspoon to a main engine, the company gets parts, spares and equipment to customers where they need them and when they need them. Consistently delivering the best possible solution, Global Services always strives to say ‘yes’ and, when it can’t, the company will find a solution or suitable alternative. Because of these strengths, the company attracted the attention of Burgess Marine, the UK’s largest independent ship repairer and marine services provider, and was acquired in October 2016.

Although on paper Burgess Marine has acquired Global Services, in reality this development is close to that of a merger as the best parts of both businesses continue to be put together to benefit customers. The combined firms will also benefit from further synergies thanks to Global Services’ procurement channel, marine engineering components, and Burgess Marine’s strength in providing marine engineering services.

Nicholas discusses the reasons behind this acquisition further: “Coming together with Global Services has allowed three things to happen. The first of which is that Burgess Marine has a procurement business in its own right that is focused on cruise ships and the commercial marine sector; this business is now moving across and is part of Global Services. Meanwhile, the Global Services backbone, a piece of software called GPS, has been put into the legacy procurement business so it is benefiting from all of the efficiencies that Global Services has come to know and love. The second reason is that approximately two-thirds of what Global Services sells is engineering components and equipment and if you sell these items it would be beneficial to have a company to assist you in the installation of said components and equipment. As such, Burgess Marine has stepped in as the engineering partner of Global Services. The third and final development, which is very significant, is that we, as Burgess Marine, have gained access to 2500 yachts that have a great relationship with Global Services through this acquisition. In time these yachts will also have a great relationship with Burgess Marine and we hope to offer our refit and engineering services in support, something that will be made possible by us simply doing what we are good at – adding value to those customers and saving them perhaps both time and money.”

With in-excess of 20 newbuild projects currently live, customers are already beginning to benefit from the merging of strengths between these two companies. Moving forward, both Burgess Marine and Global Services will continue to work together during this period of integration to ensure the three tasks behind the merger are completed and customers receive enhanced services. “Alongside these developments, our secondary objective is to get closer to our customers by spending more time on the quay sides and newbuild yards. It is really a concerted effort to touch base with our customers more frequently than we did in 2016.” In conclusion Nicholas goes on to say, “the success of this business is entirely down to the determination and dedication of the Global Services team. Every minute and every penny counts and I’m so proud of our guys for remembering that and for putting the customer first.”

Global Services
Superyacht-centric procurement specialist; working with 50 per cent of the global fleet
Supported 45 out of 50 largest superyachts in the world
Acquired by Burgess Marine Ltd in October 2016