Delivering record resuts

With more than 400- member depots comprising independent transport companies strategically located across 20 countries, Palletways is a pioneer of the palletised freight network model and Europe’s largest palletised freight delivery and collection operation, delivering up to 40,000 pallets every day with the help of its 110-plus member depots based in the UK. With its Pan-European network and industry leading customer satisfaction levels, it is the pallet delivery partner of choice for hundreds of businesses across the continent.

“Our offer to our member depots is second to none,” explains Palletways UK Managing Director, Dave Walmsley. “We engage with our members at every level of their business, from sales support to marketing and public relations. We believe it is important that we work as a Palletways family, relying on each other in both good economic times and bad. As well as the sales support we provide to help members win new business and the cutting-edge technologies we invest in, which is designed to heighten a member’s competitiveness, we also host regular conferences with opportunities for them to meet and exchange ideas, and we provide incentives for our members to perform at the highest standards.”

Palletways commitment to technology and customer service are two of the main factors behind its success. Its multi-million pound investments in new technology all have the customer and end-consumer in mind, making pallet delivery an efficient, flexible and cost-effective service. Recent innovations include the company’s Digital Information Hub, which provides its teams with real-time intelligence, including vehicle use, traffic planning and visibility on the progress of individual consignments, and its ETA system, which provides an industry first two-hour delivery notification window for palletised freight. Meanwhile, Palletways’ award-winning archway scanning system photographically records every single pallet passing through its sortation hubs, with around 112,000 images taken on its busiest days to ensure customer goods are kept track of.

“These innovations have helped the network to smash records in the sector for pallet movements as we have created a well-oiled machine to cope with ever increasing demand,” Dave continues. “For example, in 2016/17 we achieved the UK’s largest daily volume in pallets recorded at 27,017 in April 2017, and the largest single day delivery consignment in a day at 22,311. Further to this, over the 2016 festive period we exceeded our expectations by moving more than 867,000 pallets, which is an industry record for the Christmas season.

“The figures for this year are outstanding and represent our most successful year on record. Recent projects have strengthened our position as the pallet network of choice in the UK, while the expansion of additional regional hubs in the UK, South West, Spain and Germany gives our members and customers unrivalled access to markets at home and abroad. I want to thank our UK members who worked incredibly hard to deliver excellent customer service and at the same time, a 5.8 per cent increase in the overall number of pallets moved last year.”

Europe’s largest pallet delivery operation
Up to 40,000 pallets delivered daily
110-plus network member depots based in the UK
400-plus network members Europe-wide
Present across 20 countries