Transport fit for tomorrow

Transport and logistics are a crucial part of many businesses. Whether you are looking to deliver goods across the country or you need parts and tools, it is vital these items arrive safely and on time and this is why choosing the right company to transport these goods and items is crucial.

One company has recently come to the fore to provide this essential service for its clients. When K&R Transporte GmbH was first established in 2004 it was selling trucks and construction machinery. In 2007 the company set the first vehicle on the road and had five vehicles and eight employees. Today the company has increased to 100 vehicles and over 180 employees as well as a turnover of 20 million euros (15 million euros is generated by K&R alone). As well as providing national and international transportation it is also able to provide smaller cargo deliveries to local areas through R&B Spedition GmbH, an additional company that works alongside K&R. While K&R specialises in larger deliveries, R&B Spedition GmbH utilises its fleet for smaller local deliveries. Furthermore both companies are supported by 20 subcontractors allowing them to offer services such as delivering to local areas, long distance delivery, transportation of dangerous goods and transfers.

As K&R celebrates being awarded ‘Growth champions of the year’ by the news magazine Focus (compiled from sales growth data by research company Statisia) it is worth taking a closer look to see how the organisation has gone from strength to strength as well as its plans for further growth in the future.

One of the reasons that K&R has been able to meet the demands of a varied range of clients is an ability to adapt – in its own words there is no one single type of customer’. For example, R&B has a fleet of 25 vehicles that includes 7.5, 12 and 18 tonne trucks with both trailers and semi-trailers, allowing for a variety of options for clients when deciding how they want to transport items. As well as keeping items secure, it is also crucial that any driver has the tools to allow them to do their job as effectively as possible. With this in mind, K&R has ensured its fleets are equipped with phones, GPS, equipment for handling dangerous goods and load securing.

Of course, it is not just about having the right tools for the job at the current moment in time – in order to keep up with demand the company inspects and rigorously checks vehicles to make sure that any vehicles are safe to go out and can handle any cargo securely (for example all trailers need to be XL certified). In order to maintain this K&R is committed to replace older vehicles and replace them with newer vehicles in the fleet. In 2015, the company moved to its new location that includes its own workshop, allowing K&R to further build on its relationship with its clients and adapt to their needs.

While having the right technology and up to date vehicles is extremely important, the people, who are handling these vehicles are another aspect that is a core part of the development of the business. Another company motto is, ‘on time, competent and reliable,’ and this is achieved not only via the quality of the fleet but also through how K&R trains its employees and guides them behind the scenes through the dispatch team.

These are important considerations for any potential client – for example a late delivery can have a knock-on effect for anyone that has to supply another business or if a customer is waiting to receive goods. Furthermore, if a driver doesn’t handle goods properly and these are damaged this can cause further problems as replacements need to be brought in. This means that a lot of people can suffer damage to their reputation if they have to deal with any delays.

This is why K&R works hard to develop its employees, making sure they have the skills,experience and aptitude for the job. K&R has invested in developing its employee’s training as it believes that; ‘Motivated and committed employees are the backbone of any company. It is important to us that our drivers offer a competent, safe and friendly service.’

Another way that K&R also supports its team is by investing in a new SAP programme. This allows for better resource planning and data management, being able to track resources and manage data in a more effective way that will in turn allow for better direction for the dispatch team and continue to improve the quality of service.

The company’s investment doesn’t stop with its own future – it has chosen to sponsor young speedway talent Daniel Schroeder, giving the chance for an exciting young talent to blossom in their chosen field and revel in their passion. Furthermore it is a sponsor of a local soccer team FV Langenwinkel.

The future
While it is proud of its 2017 Growth award, K&R is not standing still – it is always looking for new ways to develop and further expand the business. Outside of nurturing potential future talent it is also looking toward a larger client base. At present it can boast that 30-40 per cent of its business comes from the international market. However it is looking to build on this, attracting more customers from the wider European market.

With this flexible approach, it is likely that K&R will be able to further deliver on that promise and it will be exciting to see how much further it can grow in the future and continue to build on its award winning reputation.

K&R Transporte GmbH & R&B Spedition GmbH
K&R Transporte GmbH specialises in national and international transportation
The organisation has a turnover of 20 million euros
Awarded ‘Growth champions of the year 2017’ by news magazine Focus and Financial Times