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When it comes to providing private VIP travel by air, each individual or party is unique. They each have their own needs, demands and requirements that have to be catered for with the utmost professionalism, commitment and quality. As such, servicing the needs of just one VIP is a challenge in itself, so imagine serving thousands in a single year. That is where GainJet rises to the occasion.

In 2016, its nine charter aircraft catered for 8174 VIPs, and in doing so flew over 4800 hours to 99 different destinations. Established in 2005, this Athens-based, world leading private jet charter operator and management company has quickly built a reputation for providing its clients with the best VIP travel solutions through the use of its range of prestige aircraft, positioned throughout Europe and the Middle East.

The company’s fleet includes Boeing B757-200 and B737-400 Executive airliners, a super mid-size Embraer Legacy 600, Bombardier Challenger 604 and 605, and Gulfstream G450 long range aircraft, and Gulfstream G550 and G650 ultra-long range aircraft. “Over the years, we have made a focused effort to diversify our aircraft offering,” explains CEO, Captain Ramsey Shaban. “These efforts can be seen in the variety our fleet now has, from larger airliners to ultra-long range and heavy cabin aircraft.”

Irrespective of the size of the craft in use, GainJet’s true strength lies in its ability to provide a customised travel experience tailored to any specific need. Whatever its client’s requirements may be, the company has a team on hand 24/7 to ensure that these are met with the highest standards of passenger care. This is reflected in GainJet being awarded the Ruban d’honneur in customer service at the 2012/13 European Business Awards.

“Once on-board one of our aircraft we put the emphasis squarely upon service,” Ramsey states. “We realise that the client’s direct point of contact, for example, will be with the flight attendants. These attendants deal with the client in a very personal, professional manner, from the time they embark until the moment they leave. In the case of our B757 flights, for instance, typically they would operate with four flight attendants whereas we have eight travelling with our clients. This is one small element of what we call the ‘extra experience’ that we want the client to benefit from when they fly with us.”

The type of client that the company serves can vary greatly, from individual travellers to heads of state and even entire football clubs. “Each and every flight requires nothing less than the very highest attention to detail,” Ramsey emphasises. “We make it our mission to discuss all aspects of the flight in question with the client long before take-off, going into every little detail, from what kind of catering they desire to what kind of films are being shown or whether they want added touches like flowers decorating the cabin. Each client is special and we make sure they feel treated as such.”

In addition to its presence in its home of Athens, the company also has a sales office based in London. From here it is easily able to access the vast majority of Europe’s core aviation broker market, thus generating increasing business for GainJet. More recently, it has also established a subsidiary AOC operation, GainJet Ireland, based in Shannon, Ireland. With its own fleet, comprising of Challenge 604, and Gulfstream G550 and G650 aircraft, GainJet Ireland holds its own worldwide EU-OPS Air Operator Certificate that allows it to operate globally.

“As part of a concerted desire to not have all our eggs in one basket, as it were, we set about reviewing different locations across Europe in which to base a subsidiary operation, and it was Ireland that we identified as a hot spot for our activities,” Ramsey says. “Approximately 90 per cent of the world’s leading aircraft leasing companies call Ireland home, so it made all the more sense for us to establish a presence here and this has been growing steadily ever since.”

Along with global reach, a sparkling reputation for service and quality, and a fleet of luxurious aircraft, GainJet also stands out from the crowd via its majority shareholding in Swiss-based company, Long Range Auxiliary Fuel. This company is responsible for the production of what have been described as the world’s only ‘genuine quick-change’ auxiliary fuel tanks. The system, which consists of up to six tanks that are fitted into the cargo hold, extends the range available to the aircraft from just over five hours to up to around nine hours.

Having obtained an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the system, these tanks have already been successfully installed onto GainJet’s Boeing 737-400 and have recently been shown to be able to be incorporated into some of Airbus’ models. “These auxiliary fuel tanks add an entirely new dimension to GainJet, one which we are very encouraged about when it comes to future opportunities,” Ramsey enthuses.

In the coming years, it is the company’s intention to continue growing in terms of its client base and the size of its operations, all whilst maintaining the very highest standards of quality and service. “Among our plans for the future is the possible purchase of an additional large body aircraft, a decision on which we intend to make within the year,” Ramsey says. “In the meantime, we are very focused on our activities in Ireland. Here we are in the process of establishing an operation from which to finance corporate jets and manage these from our Irish register. From here, we can then take any new aircraft we acquire into Europe for recirculation for either private or commercial use.”

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