Growing methodically

Having stuck to its principle that life is a marathon and not a sprint, therefore everything must be done consistently and with patience, FREJA has incrementally built its business across the entire Nordic region in the space of nearly 35 years. Today, the Danish transport and logistics company deservedly claims to be one of the largest transportation and warehousing providers in the Nordic region, operating in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Moreover, FREJA recently opened its first offices in

China, and in January 2018, it finalised the acquisition of Transcargo – a prominent Danish-Polish company that will enable FREJA to establish stronger relationships between Poland and the Nordic countries. The deal will move the company closer to realising its vision of becoming a full-service provider to the transport and logistics market. “The strategic acquisition of Transcargo has been planned for several years and it should allow us to get a solid foothold in the refrigerated, frozen, and heated freight transport sectors,” FREJA’s Founder and Group CEO, Jørgen Hansen comments.

Founded in 1985 by Jørgen and a colleague of his, the company first focused on providing services between Denmark and Sweden, and Denmark and Norway. “In fact, we were encouraged by clients first to start the company, and then to go forward and cover more areas, such as Germany and the Benelux countries,” he explains. It did not take long before FREJA reached a turnover of 100 million DKK, the amazing growth of 15 to 20 per cent year-on-year being put down to the business doing exactly what clients want and never leaving unsolved issues – a philosophy it continues to apply to this day. “Another milestone for us came in 1996, when we undertook our first acquisition, by taking over Spedition Noergård and doubling our staff. By 2000, we realised that we had to develop further in the Nordic countries, if we wanted to meet higher customer demands, so we made a number of acquisitions and attracted some exceptional new staff members.

“We would deliver our freight services primarily by road up to 2010, when we began developing air and sea freight solutions, having witnessed a heightened interest from clients. We also set up a team for bigger industrial projects, which helped us open our two offices in China – first in Shanghai in March 2016, and then in Guangzhou in September last year,” Jørgen traces the company’s history. He believes that entering the sea and air freight markets has been the right decision, as a significant double-digit growth is anticipated in both segments in the next few years.

As of late, FREJA has emerged as a reliable logistics provider for the healthcare industry in Norway. The company handles almost 40 per cent of all pharma imports into the country, and is continuing to build its reputation in the sector. Jørgen sheds light on this side of the business: “We first began to explore the pharmaceutical industry in 2007 and we soon opened a state-of-the-art warehouse, spanning 11,000 square metres. Following some best practices and advice from customers, we recently rebuilt and upgraded our facilities in Taastrup and

Stilling to adapt them to the needs of the healthcare and pharma industry.” The temperature-controlled warehouses are fully compliant with ISO standards and the quality control systems in place adhere to all the necessary GDP requirements. Holding on to its principle to offer end-to-end solutions across all of its divisions, FREJA deals with pharmaceutical products with utmost consideration from the moment they reach its warehouses to the point at which it delivers them to the customer.

To give you a better understanding of the scale of FREJA’s operations, it would be helpful to highlight some figures. The company operates a fleet of 2200 trailers of all sizes and shapes that determine the flexibility of its services, since the trailers can move anything, anywhere. Furthermore, owing to the numerous acquisitions the company has made over the years, it has grown its staff to 750 professionals that handle approximately 1.8 million consignments every year land, sea, and air. “We are the first company of our kind that has introduced real-time cargo tracking. GPS that is connected to our Transport Management System (TMS) has been installed on all of our 2200 trailers, so it is easy for our customers to follow their shipments,” Jørgen adds.

Jørgen notes that the implementation of FREJA’s IT capabilities will be one of the principal priorities for the business in 2018. “Together with this, we see 2018 as the year for the integration of Transcargo into our operations and the building up of a central hub in Szczecin as base for Polish and EEC traffic. In the second half of the year, we will start discussing our long-term strategy and goals for the next three to five years, but it seems clear to me that the focus will be on the mergers and acquisition (M&A) market. We are always open to new acquisition opportunities that fit FREJA’s plans and reveal to us the possibility to increase our market share. At the same time, we know that we need to step carefully and be aware that it takes several years to see the results of our activities, so we should remain patient and continue doing our best at all times,” Jørgen concludes

One of the largest transportation and warehousing providers in Scandinavia
Operates a fleet of 2200 trailers
Develops fast air and sea freight transportation and pharma logistics