The airport in the mountains

The capital city of Tyrol, and the fifth-largest city in Austria, Innsbruck is nestled in the heart of the Alps. This location means it is not only an internationally renowned winter sports centre, but also a popular summer tourist destination – Tripadvisor describes it as ‘one of Europe’s most idyllic cities’.

Serving this important region is Innsbruck Airport, located in the suburb of Kranebitten, in the west of the city. It provides services to and from a wide variety of destinations including Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Vienna, and services multiple carriers including FINNAIR, British Airways, Transavia, Lufthansa, Laudamotion, Austrian Airlines/ Austrian myHoliday and EasyJet. Furthermore, it handles regional flights around the Alps, as well as seasonal flights to other cities. During the winter, activity increases significantly, due to the high number of skiers travelling to the region.

As a result of the essential role played by Innsbruck Airport, it has become an important economic driver for the success of Tyrol and over the past few years has turned into a modern company offering a wide range of services. It serves as a representative gateway for passengers arriving in Tyrol, provides impetus for the entire region, plays a significant role with regard to the local transport infrastructure, is one of Innsbruck’s largest employers and makes a major contribution to ensuring the competitiveness of the local economy.

To maintain and exceed its current levels of performance, and aware of the sophisticated needs of today’s modern travellers, Innsbruck Airport is dedicated to ensuring its facilities and services are operating to the highest standards. The most recent evidence of this approach is the 12-million-euros that were invested into new check-in facilities and a new VIP lounge.

When passengers arrive at the airport there are now 20 counters and two bulky baggage kiosks available for check-in, allowing for reduced waiting times and ensuring fast and smooth service at the airport. Additionally, for some airlines, pre-check-in is possible at the Passenger Service counter from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm daily.

The new Tyrol Lounge has been designed with comfort in mind for those waiting for a flight. The lounge covers over 250 m² and is a single space that utilises various pieces of furniture and room dividers (such as a filigree room divider based on the tiles of the Golden Roof) to create different areas with a distinct feel and function.

The lounge includes an area with hot and cold snacks for replenishing energy levels, three workspaces designed for business travellers, a relaxation zone with breathtaking panoramic views of the Tyrolean mountains, a living room area for unwinding and, the highlight, a floor-to-ceiling library. Entry to the lounge is free of charge to specific ticket holders (for example, British Airways Business Class Tickets) but it is also possible to use the facilities for a fee, making it accessible to all Innsbruck Airport users.

Given its Tyrol location, surrounded by the magnificent Alpine region of lakes, fast-flowing rivers, pretty villages and green meadows, it is not surprising that Innsbruck Airport is operated with utmost consideration for the environment. Indeed, Innsbruck Airport constantly sets new standards in terms of environmental protection, not only in Austria but also across Europe. As early as 1990 the company banned take-offs and landings of noisy Chapter II aircraft – the first airport in Austria to do so. Noise reduction is a major priority, and Innsbruck is subject to the strictest operating hours among all Austrian commercial airports, it has established noise-based landing charges in order to penalise noisy aircraft types, and has introduced noise-reducing approach and landing procedures. It also has strict interpretation of night flying restrictions (only life-saving organ transplant and ambulance flights are permitted). Such has been the success of Innsbruck’s noise policy that its three noise level meters provide evidence that air traffic at Innsbruck Airport is less noisy than any of Innsbruck’s main roads!

Trailblazing for Austria, Innsbruck was also the country’s first airport to introduce an environmental management system and to receive an environmental certificate – the airport is now entitled to carry the EU Eco Management logo. In 2012 when revalidating its EMAS recognition, new certification according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard was undertaken, and compliance reviews with these standards are conducted annually.

This dedication to the green agenda was most recently demonstrated with the investment into an innovative new covered passenger staircase, which harnesses the power of the sun. Equipped with photovoltaic cells and, in contrast to conventional models, the staircase only runs on electricity. Having now used the staircase, the airport has found that the photovoltaic cells absorb enough sunlight to help recharge between two uses, and the battery therefore recharges itself before draining. This ecofriendly alternative proved its worth in its first winter season at Innsbruck Airport to the extent that the organisation is confident more sets will be purchased in the future.

Since the first flights arrived in Innsbruck the airport has continuously evolved and this process is still ongoing – the current project on the agenda is a multi-million-euro re-build of the old terminal building. As increasing numbers of visitors discover this beautiful area of the world, the airport continues to respond to their needs in new and innovative ways, ensuring its position will remain solid going forward as a vital hub of activity in Tyrol.

Innsbruck Airport
Large investment into VIP lounge and check-in facilities
Dedicated to environmental best practices
Flights to beautiful destinations around Europe