T.V.L, linking the world

Established almost 40 years ago, in 1980 to be precise, T. V. L. Business Group implemented a strategy to aggressively integrate sea-freight, air-freight and inland transportation businesses in order to solidify the group as experts in both logistics and supply chain management. It is today an international multi-modal transportation provider, offering a full-scale service that includes shipping agency functions, operational management, sea-freight, air-freight and global logistics. The group has set up branch offices in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and the United States, and has strong relationships with freight forwarders in more than 100 countries.

“Most of the subsidiaries of the group carry the brand names Trans Van Links, Trans Van Line or T. V. L. in their company name, and apart from being NVOCCs, all of our companies are licensed customs brokers,” explains Chairman, Kenneth Lee. “As well as general land, sea and air transportation services, other key functions of our companies include reefer consolidation and warehousing, shipping agency and marine management, while our Chinese branches specialise in Chinese Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) services.”

The group has earned high praise from a wealth of ship owners throughout the years due to the level of performance achieved by each of its businesses, and this has seen it also become general agents for KMTC, JinJiang and Sinotrans, Ningbo Ocean and Emirates in Taiwan. Moreover, the goal to reinforce safety and maintain high standards led to the group being among the first freight forwarders in Taiwan to be AEO certified, and is also the first to simultaneously receive AEO certifications for four of its subsidiary companies.

Trans Van Links Express Corp. In addition to mastering the handling of full container loads, the group has also successfully developed its dry and reefer cargo consolidation businesses. “For the former, we are operating weekly import and export consolidations in Asian countries such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Vietnam. On top of that are weekly export consolidations to Australia, Middle East countries such as Bangladesh and India, European countries such as Germany and Egypt, and the USA,” Kenneth mentions.

T.V.L. United Air Express Co., Ltd.
Since it was established, T.V.L.’s air freight company has striven to diversify its capabilities by working on perishable as well as dangerous goods. “Our dedicated staff undergoes all necessary training to enhance their operational know-how that allows us to smoothly handle and clear customs for such cargoes, which results in better serving our clients,” explains Kenneth. In recent years, the company has also delved into the growing field of e-commerce.

T.V.L. Global Logistics Co., Ltd.
The approach of delivering total solutions by offering value-added services has resulted in the group and its companies becoming key partners in many different projects over the years. “We place a great deal of importance in not only creating added value that results in both cost efficiencies and increases in revenue for our customers, but also on promoting integrated and one-stop-shop services to deliver peace of mind,” Kenneth adds.

Past examples of its work creating benefits for its customers include assisting one of Taiwan’s leading design manufacturers in setting up a spare parts warehouse in Vietnam for distribution through the supply of training and integrated IT systems, and implementing a project for the world’s second largest chemical company. This project involved finding the most suitable location for the company to set up an office and warehouse, executing the warehouse logistics and security services, and handling the transportation, storage and management of raw materials.

Other showcases of the group’s many talents include the assistance it has given the likes of Taiwan’s leading manufacturers of wires and cables as well as other Taiwanese factories in being able to effortlessly showcase their goods in the Chinese market, thanks to T. V. L.’s vast experience and knowledge of China’s regulatory system, and the help it provided a prominent plastics company following a damaging fire at one of its factories. In the aftermath of said fire, T. V. L. was called upon to lend its expertise in the special packing and handling of oversized machinery equipment, successfully loading and transporting an oversized piece of rotor generator to be sent to Japan for repairs and maintenance.

Over the last 12-18 months, there have been several key developments that Kenneth is keen to highlight. “First of all, we have increased our fleet of container vessels to five, with plans for a sixth to be acquired in the next year,” he says. “Having our own fleet fortifies our presence in the shipping agency and chartering business, and ensures that we can offer the best prices and service. One of these vessels operates on regular routes to and from China and Taiwan, with one being the only to be approved by China in the last two years to operate on this cross-strait route. “Secondly, we have focused on further strengthening the array of customised and specialised services we offer to our clients, especially in the fields of warehousing and distribution, and improvements in our reefer services have led to the ability to offer reefer warehousing from Japan to Taiwan, as well as from Taiwan to Hong Kong.”

As well as working to improve its current service offering, other aims of the group going forward include expanding itspresence within the Southeast Asian, North American and European markets, and multiplying the number of routes that its consolidation businesses currently operate on. “One of the industries we are also keenly looking into is food logistics,” Kenneth reveals. “We want to further streamline our customs clearance services for the air transport of fresh food items, build and develop a bonded logistics warehouse for food items, including cold chain items, and strengthen our cold chain consolidation services, including inland transportation.”

In the nearly four decades of its existence, T. V. L. has honed its skills and services to create an enviable reputation within its industry. Nevertheless, it is not a complacent organisation and as such it continues to strive to make improvements and widen its range of activities, with the end goal being to satisfy its clients and deepen its relationships with its key partners.

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