DuroWipers has built a strong reputation for supplying the RNLI’s new Shannon class lifeboats with its industry leading wipers and this is continuing into 2018 as more newbuilds enter into service, including the Barbara Anne and the £2.2m Humfrey Berkeley 13-25. “We originally secured the RNLI contract back in 2012 to equip 57 vessels and the competition for suppliers was ruthless,” said Noel Gould, owner, DuroWipers.

“The RNLI wanted a wiper which would perform underwater and be able to rotate 360 degrees and still work. This high profile ongoing contract is a testament to our wiper design and durability.”

The RNLI has also just completed one of its relief vessels named John Metters and there is another relief Shannon named Joanna and Henry Williams currently in progress, expected to be accepted into the fleet soon. Both are equipped with DuroWipers systems. DuroWipers offers a ten-year guarantee on its wipers for the RNLI and a lifetime guarantee on its products to the Royal Navy. For commercial operators, it offers a free warranty for three years, above and beyond the usual 12-month standard. This is DuroWiper’s real selling point because it means no need for any spares or maintenance costs.