2018 saw the introduction of an environmental zone in Barcelona preventing a variety of vehicle types from entering the city centre in case of an air pollution peak. In November 2018, the rules were tightened in Madrid, and three distinct zones can now be activated under different scenarios. In the city centre, vehicles are permanently excluded from traffic.

Since the 1st November 2018, only vehicles with the Spanish environmental badge Distintivo Ambiental are allowed to enter the environmental zone ‘Madrid Central ZEZ’. Within the larger ‘M30 zone’, vehicles without an environmental badge will already be excluded on the second day of higher levels of air pollution. In addition, there will be parking bans for vehicles with the B and C badges. Taxis may then only drive if they have a 0 or ECO badge on their windscreen. If an air pollution peak lasts three days, the driving ban can be extended to the larger environmental zone ‘Madrid City’.

Updates on parking and current driving conditions available on the website www.distintivo-ambiental.es/en.html and via an app