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A sizable investment in technology in recent years has left David Nissenbaum – MD of ITD Global, wondering whether the company is still just a logistics provider, or has transformed into an IT company in its own right. “Very few other players in the industry, especially in the segment that deals with the processing of large volumes of ecommerce packages, have access to the type of technology we have at our disposal,” David asserts.

Founded in 2004, ITD Global initially focused on delivering international courier services between China and the UK, benefitting from the fact that it had an office in China from the very first day of its operations. More offices then opened in New York and India, as the company’s customer base and expertise grew, before in 2013, ITD Global made its first foray into ecommerce and airfreight – two divisions that have grown dramatically since.

“The role of ecommerce has become so much more central in recent years that we have taken upon ourselves to develop innovative technology for our service offering that would facilitate the transactions between our customers and the end users,” David remarks. “The result of our efforts was a user-friendly software that is easily integrated with platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Groupon, which associates any parcel with the most cost-effective and efficient carrier. For instance, the system knows if one carrier’s cut-off time is 4pm and can automatically pick another carrier. It also selects carriers whose depots are located most conveniently to optimise the entire process.

“On top of that, we have a dedicated customer service team that handles large volumes of enquiries on a daily basis and resolves whatever issues might occur in a quick and efficient manner. This is what enables us to keep our customers happy, thus allowing them to focus on and grow their ecommerce business,” he explains.

Indeed, David identifies the personal service ITD Global strives to offer through deploying its own people in the countries where it has established offices, as the company’s USP. “When you have your own staff on the ground, you can train them to work on the same systems as you do, and that makes our internal operation a lot more efficient. It also shows our customers that we want to engage with them and fix any problems right in the field, rather than deal with it from afar,” he adds.

Further complementing its proposition, ITD Global has also set up a sales team, whose members are being actively developed to obtain a high level of knowledge of the company’s customers. David elaborates: “We always tell our sales people that they should act as consultants who can give the best possible advice to a company about its supply chain or delivery requirements. A lot of businesses that have grown in the space of ecommerce know their products excellently, but delivery and logistics is not necessarily their forte. This is why we make sure that our sales staff are well-versed in suggesting the most cost-effective door-to-door path a product should take to reach the end user.”

He also acknowledges that many companies that are interested in a courier solution, have become significantly savvier in their logistics requirements, especially with regards to their expenditures. “Businesses are constantly looking at options that can help them cut costs. For example, we offer an air cargo consolidation service to a client in the Far East that includes slightly longer transit time of five or six days, instead of the traditional two or three, but that still works very well for the client, because it does not need the goods delivered immediately. Naturally, this allows us to provide this type of service at a huge discount, which is just what more and more companies require.”

ITD Global’s hard work in the last few years was rewarded with the company’s debut appearance on the Sunday Times Fast

Track 100 league table, where it ranked at number 56. “We view this inclusion as a pat on the back that recognises the efforts we put into training and developing our staff. Most of the people we employ, have been with us for a long time, which clearly demonstrates that we take good care of our staff and we value their input immensely, because without them, we would not have a business,” David does not spare his praise for his colleagues.

The ultimate goal pursued by ITD Global is for the company to become a one-stop shop in logistics provision, with particular emphasis being placed on ecommerce. “It is a field that is poised for even greater growth, so we want to evolve to be an end-to-end expert and gain a strong foothold in this sector. We realise that, in order to be able to offer the solutions that any ecommerce retailer will need in the next five years, we have to align ourselves with the changes going on within the industry and adapt to emerging market demands, but we are confident that we are in a good position to climb to the next level,” David wraps up.

ITD Global
International freight logistics and express courier specialist
Currently building on its ecommerce expertise
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