Laying the groundwork

Working in close partnership with airport operators, owners and carriers, as well as the general public, Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure helps to facilitate the development of airport infrastructure and buildings internationally, often in some of the most remote parts of the world. Understanding the need for maximum safety and security within live environments, the company’s teams are experienced in providing the engineering skills and technologies necessary to deliver both air-side and ground-side support facilities.

Utilising its own batching plants and pavers to lay both asphalt and Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC), Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure works within tight time frames, minimising lead times in order to reduce the impact of its activities on both customers and end users. In each project location, it uses the expertise of its dedicated and long established supply chain, working in partnership to develop optimum solutions that provide the best possible value, and exceed customer expectations.

Capabilities that the company possesses include:

  • Design, production and placement of Marshall asphalt and pavement quality concrete, using its own modern batching plants
  • Delivery of design and construction airside civil projects
  • Night time possession resurfacing and rehabilitation projects
  • Hangar and terminal building construction
  • Delivery of projects in logistically challenging locations
  • Delivery of fully integrated solution for its clients
  • Delivery of associated infrastructure projects including roads and marine works

Team approach
Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure has built up a dedicated and agile team that works with its clients from conception right through to completion on every project the company undertakes. The team the client meets at the start of the project journey is the one that will be with it every step of the way. These teams have successfully delivered over 60 projects across the globe, using the company’s in-house plant fleet, often carrying out works during strict night time possessions to ensure minimal disruption.

Careful planning
Examples of the company’s work highlight the fact that it is well versed in handling contracts for both civilian and military clients. In the case of the former, examples include its efforts at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and London City Airport (to name just two such instances). In Washington, the contract for the rehabilitation of the runway, overlay and taxiway will run for a duration of 74 weeks, and is to be undertaken in ten discreet phases, typically beginning at 23:00 each night and finishing at 05:30 so as for the runway and/or taxiway to be reopened to aviation traffic. Lagan anticipates removing and replacing over 62,000 tonnes of hot-mix asphalt (HMA) in delivery of the project. The HMA paving work also includes 25,000 linear feet of asphalt joint/crack sealing, performance milling and a three inch HMA overlay on the runway and taxiway areas, full depth HMA pavement repairs in an area of 25,400 square yards, cement stabilisation works; and new electrical ducts and AGL lighting.

At London City Airport, meanwhile, the company successfully completed a £21 million project that involved the strengthening and overlaying of the existing 1.5 kilometre runway with a new asphalt surface, the full-depth reconstruction of four existing taxiways, and upgrades to lighting and drainage systems. Working closely with airfield operations and security to ensure the smooth running of the works within a busy airport environment, a dedicated Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure team worked in limited possession from 21:00 to 05:00 every Tuesday to Sunday. A separate team was then onsite during the day.

The noisiest works were scheduled for the beginning of the shift, typically before 23:30 during the week, and during daylight hours over the weekend. All plant and equipment on site was less than five years old and was fitted with the best available built-in noise suppression. The company also used fixed and mobile acoustic monitoring units to check noise levels and report each week to Newham Council to demonstrate its compliance with strict measures.

Interesting projects
Away from its commercial aviation sector projects, the company has also proven itself to be an important partner to the Royal Air Force (RAF), with work carried out at RAF Gibraltar, RAF Akrotiri, and more recently RAF Marham in Norfolk. As a result of its achievements on said contracts, Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure was awarded a contract to resurface the runway at RAF Northolt, its strategic site in London. The contract, worth £23 million, will upgrade the existing runway, improve drainage and install new arrestor beds to improve safety. The airfield works are expected to take around six months with the runway being closed for renovation from spring to autumn 2019, and the resurfacing work will extend the life of the runway by ten to 15 years.

James Aikman, Operations Director, Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure commented at the time of the announcement: “Having successfully recently completed RAF Gibraltar, RAF Akrotiri and now nearing completion at RAF Marham, Lagan Aviation and Infrastructure is delighted to have been awarded the runway refurbishment contract at RAF Northolt. We are pleased to be afforded the opportunity to continue our collaborative working relationship with the DIO, which has proven to be successful over the years. Our experienced and dedicated team look forward to delivering yet another interesting project safely, on time and within budget.”

Contract wins such as that at RAF Northolt continue to push Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure towards its ultimate goal, and that is to be recognised for what it believes itself to be – a world-class family owned specialist contracting business with the potential to grow into the most respected operator of its kind in the construction and services sectors.

Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure
Facilitates the development of airport infrastructure and buildings internationally
Team works with its clients from conception right through to completion
Well versed in handling contracts for both civilian and military clients