Luxury in flight

The individuals that regularly utilise business jets are taking advantage of the numerous benefits that accompany this method of travel. They are able to select their own arrival and departure times, as well as the suitable airport destination – independent from airline networks. With very short boarding processes, no awkward transfers and safety controls, business jets offer minimal waiting periods and overnight stops. Given that these are high net worth travellers, they need to achieve the highest productivity from their travelling time, and with a relaxed and undisturbed atmosphere on board, they are able to utilise their journey as part of the working day.

This is where the aircraft and services of Tyrolean Jet Services (TJS) come into their own. Established in 1978, TJS offers business and VVIP-charter flights, aircraft maintenance and sales, concierge services and even airline flights, with this latter offering undertaken by its own in-house IATA travel agency.

As a premium provider of business aviation services, TJS’ entire business model is based on professional management, ethical and environmentally-friendly business practices, transparency and high service excellence. With a blue-chip list of clients located across the world, TJS has to be able to ensure that it can provide services that are not only reliable, but are reinforced by impeccable customer care, upheld at all times by its staff and its management.

With regards to staff in particular, TJS understands that its clients expect the best of the best in all areas. Not only do its employees have to comply with local and international safety standards as well as authority regulations, they also have to continuously deliver the highest quality services and meet or exceed client expectations at all times. These standards are also carried across to TJS’ subsidiaries TJS San Marino and TJS Malta Ltd – wherever its passengers are flying from, TJS endeavours to create a personal and intimate feel on board its extremely comfortable aircraft. Indeed, on the company’s website, Martin Lener, Director at TJS, highlights the rich experience and personal attention provided by the staff at the company.

Its OCC works as a single point of contact, and it is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure a quick response. TJS will take care of creating computerised flight plans using state-of-the-art hard- and software, as well as arranging ground handling, slots and permits. The most fuel-efficient route will be calculated (whilst complying with all regulations) and furthermore, TJS can assist with fuel purchasing, making sure its clients get the cheapest fuel, wherever they fly. Crews will be briefed according to the needs of that flight, and TJS can also arrange and manage crew VISAs.

But of course, the main attraction to use TJS for business aviation is the wide choice of business jets available to choose from – TJS’ fleet ranges from a Cessna Citation VII to Airbus ACJ319 – capable of taking 19 VVIP guests. Let’s use one of the aircraft available in the fleet – the Gulfstream G550 – as a perfect example of the luxury in flight that TJS is able to provide.

The G550 is an Ultra-Long-Range Business Jet, with a range of 6750 nm (12,500 km) at mach 0.80 and a high-speed cruise performance of mach 0.87. Its cabin combines exceptional comfort with highest efficiency, in a distinctive and spacious three cabin layout; three temperature zones and a seat layout to accommodate up to 16 passengers. A luxurious galley in the front is able to provide hot meals, plus a generous lavatory in the aft cabin offers the comforts of home. A wide baggage compartment supports the comfort of guests, while Satcom and Wireless LAN ensures the level of connectivity is top notch at all times. This aircraft and crew are CAT II approved, and with such a deluxe, comfortable and exquisite interior, even the most routine of flights becomes a special journey.

Extended services
Given its expertise in managing and chartering aircraft, it was a natural progression for TJS to add Aircraft Management to its own service portfolio. It offers a wide range of management services and it is happy to customise its support to the specific requirements of aircraft owners worldwide. Adding their business jet to TJS’ aircraft fleet gives clients operational and financial advantages and ensures their aircraft is always being operated in a reliable, safe and professional manner.

In addition, TJS also runs its own in-house EASA Part-145 Maintenance Facility, which is available for maintenance clients, its managed aircraft and its own aircraft fleet, at its own hangar facilities at Innsbruck Airport, Austria. A highly-experienced team of maintenance engineers have collected extensive experience and are available to support both aircraft and crew.

Finally, having experienced the luxury of travel by business jet, should a TJS client decide to acquire an aircraft for themselves, the company can guide them through the entire process, and is able to offer very attractive opportunities, without brokers involved. TJS will divulge the full maintenance and ownership history of an aircraft and analyse the current supply/demand situation to get the best aircraft at the best price.

To go the extra mile, TJS can also provide Concierge Services for its passengers, such as limousines, special catering or even rare wines. Staff are on hand to source, co-ordinate and support their needs, whether that is concert tickets or restaurant reservations. They will do their utmost to ensure that everything is perfect, in what they call ‘delivering the dream.’

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