The science of logistics

First established in April, 1990, VANTEC Europe began life by providing logistics and warehousing services to its main automotive client as part of a joint venture activity. Since then, it has grown organically and developed its range of services to become a preferred Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider, also now offering its services to a second player in the automotive sector. By using a consultative partnership approach, VANTEC Europe delivers value focused last mile logistical services tailored to exceed its customers’ expectations.

Along the way to becoming a Lean innovative logistics partner specialised in providing unique integrated solutions to the biggest brands, the company has spent the last decade developing significant partnerships with customers such as, NMUK, Komatsu UK, Thorn Lighting and Rolls-Royce Motor Company supplying these global entities with on-site 3PL activities and various other supply chain management services. In 2007, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of VANTEC Corporation and, following a buy-out by Hitachi Transport System group in 2012, VANTEC Europe became part of one of the largest global 3PL providers.

The company’s logistics services have been developed over the years with Lean and Agile thinking at its core. As it possesses a clear understanding of how complicated and challenging supply chains can be, VANTEC Europe tailors its solutions with strategic flexibility with the aim of being able to not only improve and fit in with its client’s processes, but to be adaptable to future operations as well.

At the heart of its activities is a comprehensive list of warehousing and 3PL services, which are applied through what the company calls its ‘Proactive, Personal and Pliable Approach’. Its services include receiving, pick and pack, kit, sequence, decant and delivering Just-In-Time (JIT) to wherever its clients need their products. It also provides full tracking and traceability, cross docking and an integrated warehouse management system to manage all activity.

VANTEC Europe considers itself unique, in that it approaches warehouse design as being a science, and one which needs an in-depth knowledge of the entire supply chain to implement successfully. The company’s methodical approach means that it can develop the most efficient warehouses possible that run fast, effective operations, and get product where, when and how it is needed. Its systems allow for full customisation, tracking and traceability to maintain complete inventory accuracy, and the company can also facilitate Customer Managed Inventory and Vendor Managed Inventory. VANTEC Europe upholds very high health and safety standards at all of its sites, something which is maintained by regular training and audits conducted on every aspect of its activities.

Meanwhile, when it comes to freight forwarding, VANTEC Europe boasts the expertise and business knowledge necessary to ensure that its client’s shipment is collected and delivered to its destination as economically and efficiently as possible. Combining its logistics capabilities with intelligent IT systems has made the company proficient in brokering consignments and incorporating full tracking and traceability. Furthermore, by combining its freight forwarding services with its logistics offering, VANTEC Europe is able to provide a truly complete supply chain solution.

With offices in key global markets within Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, VANTEC Europe’s transportation solutions are carefully based around its individual client’s assignment, speed of delivery, and pickup/delivery requirements. Among these solutions one will be able to take advantage of various different land, sea and air transportation options. Among the former, its European network is capable of offering full trailer load (FTL) and less-than trailer load (LTL) options, express deliveries, and the delivery of high value goods as well as hazardous materials.

When it comes to sea freight, the company can manage full container loads (FCL), less-than container loads (LCL), roll-on roll-off (RORO) and consolidated loads to any port across the globe, and as with its other services, it provides full customs formalities/brokerage, and the storage/distribution of import and export items. Lastly, in the case of air freight, its extensive resources allow it to provide as much cargo space as its clients require. It offers them pre-booked space depending on destination, in addition to arranged chartered flights to anywhere in the world.

At the time of writing, in March 2019, VANTEC Europe was approaching the last several weeks of planning of a purpose-built safety and training innovation centre being built at its headquarters in Sunderland. This will result in a UK-first ‘living warehouse’, focusing on accident prevention in the logistics industry, drawing on the latest innovations in training and health and safety. The innovations Centre is the result of a unique partnership between VANTEC Europe and the University of Sunderland brokered by Sunderland City Council. The Centre will be housed in a dedicated 9000 sq ft building currently being refurbished at VANTEC Europe’s Hillthorn site.

The Centre will house a new living warehouse in which 3D immersive training will take people through all the potential causes and consequences of a single lapse in safety prevention, to increase insight and enhance the company’s capabilities in continuous improvement. Martin Kendall, Managing Director of VANTEC Europe said: “Our accident rates are very low, but our aim is zero. There are 600 VANTEC forklift truck drivers in Sunderland and another 100 in our other UK bases. Our challenge is to make the forklift driving activity as safe as practically possible.”

A leading European logistics partner
Provides unique integrated solutions
Building a new ‘living warehouse’ innovation centre