Seamlessly Bridging Land, Sea and Air Communication, Is This A Reality?

In today’s world we have high expectations of the performance of mobile networks. As we use our phones we take for granted that they will work seamlessly. Users don’t need to know which technologies are in place to help them to achieve their needs, it all “just works”. This same level of interconnection and dependability within industry is even more fundamental for the safety of employees and to ensure operations meet performance requirements. However some industries that rely on multiple interconnected communication systems do not, by default, meet these expectations.

For example, consider one of the most hazardous working environments – Oil and Gas extraction. Clear, consistent and reliable voice communication is essential at all times. Rig-deck teams and crane operators need to talk to surface vessel crew and vice versa. Helideck operators need to talk to helicopter crew while also coordinating with other deck teams. However each of these communication scenarios operates under its own frequencies and none of them are by standard interoperable. Workers are expected to carry multiple radios, sometimes having to use them simultaneously.

In some working environments, there are mandatory requirements for intrinsically safe devices such as (ATEX) rated radios.

There are no Avionic radios on the market meeting safety standards. The use of Ground to Air communications in some scenarios may potentially compromise flight safety and havinf to switch these radios off is less than an ideal situation.

ApplicationsIn the similar scenario of Port Authorities and on-land handling, bridging of two-way communications from Land Mobile Radio (LMR) to Avionic, and Marine frequencies will improve operational efficiencies.

For Airports bridging communication paths between Air Traffic and ground teams such as fire and security is an essential day to day requirement.

Servicom and their technology partners are able to offer seamless bridging solutions to deal with all the operational issues of connecting different technologies and different frequencies.

Servicom are experienced in providing unified solutions that allows for personnel to seamlessly bridge voice and data from their existing system to other systems. Providing full compliance within safety areas that need ATEX certified devices.

Delivering extended features such as voice recording across all talk paths. Extending communication outside of the operational area using bridging technology allowing for even more devices to join the conversation such as smart phones, tablet devices and PC’s. Enabling connectivity for off site monitoring stations and head office oversight in some cases being connected via satellite.

Servicom have already delivered bridging solutions to 12 Oil fields out in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Caspian Sea. The same bridging solutions have also been deployed at numerous shipping terminals and airports around the UK.

As well as providing unified communications Servicom also provide search and rescue transponders and emergency beacon stations for maritime safety.

Servicom are proud to have over thirty years of experience, delivering communications solutions for the Land, Sea and Air sectors is their core business.

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Servicom’s growth over three decades, across all sectors and continents, has overseen huge changes in communications making them ideally placed to meet the changes and challenges of the future. Innovations is their standard and their wraparound service offers continual support and maintenance.