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Founded in 1970, Norman Global Logistics strike the perfect balance of experienced personnel, established network in 230 locations and technology that simplifies global shipping for a wide-ranging client portfolio, in variety of business sectors, from apparel to toys.

Ever since Ken Norman and Ian Terry launched Norman Shipping in Ealing in 1970, the company that relaunched as Norman Global Logistics (NGL) in 2000 has been a trusted supply chain partner to its customers. Today, its five UK and seven Asian offices provide air, sea and road freight services, together with logistics operations and a dedicated recyclables operation. With 130 personnel managing the international movement of cargo on NGL’s air, sea and overland services, NGL’s ambition is simple, yet effective: to provide every customer with the very best service, by communicating openly, anticipating problems and delivering consistent results.

NGL offers a wide range of services and solutions in the fields of forwarding, logistics, supply chain management and cargo insurance. NGL provide the widest range of inbound and outbound multi-modal services, managing customs clearance and on-delivery from any port of arrival. Logistics wise, NGL offers comprehensive storage, packaging, fulfilment and distribution capabilities, while its supply chain management functions ensure that the right products arrive at the right time, for the best price, and in the required quantity.

NGL Director Kevin McNamara has been with NGL since 1985, joining at the age of 17, and has witnessed first-hand its growth. These days, Kevin travels the world regularly, building agent relationships, developing commercial responsibilities and managing NGL’s network activity. Speaking to Land, Sea & Air magazine, he begins by detailing some of the unique characteristics and strengths of a company that he proudly states can provide its services to virtually any business, wherever it may be based. “I would certainly say that customer service has been at the heart of NGL’s success over the decades,” he explains. “We have always taken the approach of going that extra mile for all of our customers, and in doing so we have built up strong relationships built on trust, honesty, passion and professionalism.”

NGL’s strongest markets include the Asian continent and the United States, and one of the factors that makes NGL stand out from similar sized competitors is the NGL offices in SE Asia, Hong Kong and across mainland China. Its first location in the country opened in Shanghai in 2011 – one year after its first Asian office opened its doors in Hong Kong – and it has since established operations at key locations including Ningbo, Qingdao, Xiamen, and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. In 2016, NGL was awarded the coveted NVOCC license from the Republic of China’s Ministry of Transport, which grants authority to register its own Bills of Lading for export cargoes and be an authorised consignee for ocean freight imports.

However, in spite of its strong presence in China, and Asia as a whole, Kevin readily admits that there is much more potential for future growth. “We are actively investing and developing our commercial capabilities to secure additional business,” he says. “And that is why we have put additional time and resources into our marketing activities, to raise our profile and generate interest from prospective customers.”

As Kevin goes on to detail, similar efforts are in the process of being made when it comes to the US market. “While, like Asia, we find the US to be a relatively easy market to operate in, it does play host to lots of competition, which is why our sales and commercial team specialise in doing business in the US, know the intricacies of the region, and have intimate knowledge of the biggest and most regular shippers. Developing contacts in important service areas such as road & rail, is critical in developing cost savings for customers and additional benefits to attract the wider market.”

The first half of 2019 was a positive one for NGL, with international business remaining consistent and the successful launch of its nQuote digital freight rate platform, while in the UK it has had particular success with its scrap metal shipping activities. From its offices in Liverpool, the company’s dedicated team manages the supply chains of many leading recyclers, importing and exporting scrap metal to and from the UK and global destinations. “We have built up an important share of this market, which has been a source of good results for us in the early part of this year and we are hopeful that this will continue for the rest of 2019,” Kevin reaffirms.

Whether it is NGL’s activities in the UK, the US or in Asia, the company operates under what Kevin describes as a constantly evolving strategy. “Adopting this approach is important in the fast flowing and rapidly changing environment that is forwarding and logistics,” he concludes. “It also provides a level of fluidity and flexibility to respond to possible growth opportunities as they arise, which bodes very well for the future.”

Norman Global Logistics
Handles over 210,000 tonnes of freight per year
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