Growing relationships

As a company that has been around since 1842, Cory Brothers knows a thing or two about logistics and maritime services. Using this historic experience as a platform to build upon, the company’s Logistics division provides a breadth of services that allow it to move beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship with its client base and assume the role of a close and trustworthy partner that instils confidence in its clients for the secure and efficient transportation of their goods.

“We follow an approach of customer empowerment where we provide detailed insights into how a specific customer’s supply chain works, offering customised solutions to their needs,” points out Peter Wilson, Managing Director. “We pride ourselves on the cradle-to-grave knowledge we possess for all the different options available to the customers. For example, we can perform a health check on imported goods to make sure that they are paying the correct amount of tax and we provide a range of vessel sailing options with different transit times that suit their demands to ensure cost and supply chain efficiency. Crucially, we keep our customers informed of emerging shipping options as the dynamics of international transportation changes.

“To us, it is key that our processes are completely transparent and the client can see exactly what we do for them,” Peter continues. “An evidence of the appreciation for this procedure, is the partnership we have with a long-standing customer of ours where they send us each new employee they hire, so we can show them the entire process of getting their cargo from the supplier’s warehouse to their own warehouse. We want them to experience the scale and scope of the operation first-hand and make them aware of the pitfalls that might occur during the process.”

The collaborative undertakings of Cory Logistics signify the organisation’s keenness to grow relationships. This transpires in its recently-intensified marketing activities, as it aims to extend its client base. At a time when every business needs to step up its game in the digital field, a lot of companies still underuse the potential of social media, claiming that they lack the time and the financial resources to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. In contrast, Cory Logistics has assembled a team of industrious marketing professionals that have been tasked with the challenging, yet rewarding, mission to get the word out about the organisation’s capabilities, writing editorials, advertorials, and features for sector-specific publications and making the most of new media.

“Social media, in particular, is key to ensuring that we are perceived the way we want to be, namely as an established, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking company,” Mike Bowden, Marketing & Procurement Manager says. “We are active on all platforms where we post engaging, informative, and insightful content. Having had our attention on primarily raising awareness of the brand in the last few months, we are just about to embark on a new programme that will see us focus more on presenting our services in greater detail, in order to attract more prospective customers.”

Sales Director, Mark Harding, adds: “We are a leader in reaching out to all types of stakeholders in our associated market via LinkedIn. Whether it is customers, suppliers, other partners, or even competitors, we strive to engage with different audiences by creating valuable posts for them, thus establishing ourselves as an expert that generates topical and opinionated content on industry matters.”

Back in the offline world, Cory Logistics gave a major boost to its commercial ambitions when it relocated its Felixstowe office to Ipswich. Undoubtedly, setting up a presence in a larger city speaks volumes of the company’s aspirations, as it can now benefit from a more central location. “The move has enabled us to be closer to a wider pool of young and emerging talent and gain access to better transport links. It has also got all of our staff sitting on one floor, creating a greater sense of togetherness within the team,” Peter comments.

“Going forward, we have a clear-cut intention to operate in a greener and more ethical way, both in the office and in the field. i.e., when carrying our customers’ cargoes,” he maintains. “We have an idea of getting everyone to use less paper, hence us reducing the number of printers we have, from 11 to three. In addition, we recycle everything we can and we have also introduced a lights policy, with a view to save as much energy as we can.

“From an operational perspective, we are undergoing a transformation of the way we are dealing with haulage in the UK, as we are trying to opt for rail transport more often, instead of road transport,” Peter discusses. “This way, we can not only sidestep the congestion issues associated with moving goods by road, but it is a greener solution, too, because it is possible to have 40 containers on one train going from one end to the country to the other, than 40 individual lorries doing the same thing.”

Mark chips in: “Our green intentions can be advanced further by the impending digitalisation we are introducing. We’ll be able to provide our customers with analytics that give them a clearer picture of their cargo movements and, as a result, we can work together to implement more environmentally-friendly practices.”

“The digitalisation is absolutely imperative for our business,” Mark takes up again, concluding: “We all live our lives with a growing expectation of what technology can do for us, so as a company, we have to address our customers’ needs by offering online capabilities for their supply chain. These will include the option of booking and tracking their cargo online and watching it being delivered on a live stream. The end goal is to connect our customers and suppliers with end-to-end operations on a single platform, providing intelligent data management, automation, and advanced analytics, including documentation management. This will allow our clients to predict and plan for supply chain disruptions or risks, thus resulting in proactive, rather than reactive, decision-making.”

Cory Logistics
Recently relocated from Felixstowe to Ipswich
Has increased its marketing efforts considerably in recent times
Cory continue to invest in digital solutions and innovation