Born to serve

Founded in Gothenburg in 2003, NTEX was the brainchild of ten industrial enthusiasts, all of whom shared a common vision. That vision was to create a company that would be a distinct Nordic transport alternative through high service levels, and to be its customer’s first choice by offering competitive, flexible and customised transport and logistics solutions for land, sea and air. Today,

NTEX is the region’s leading shipping and freight forwarding company, specialising in direct services to Scandinavia, as well as mainland Europe, and air-freight/deep-sea shipments worldwide.

NTEX’s fleet and capabilities as of the turn of 2020 consists of 85 of its own trucks – 60 articulated and 25 distribution trucks – and no fewer than 800 trailers, each of which possesses its own GPS capabilities. The company presently utilises 150,000 square feet of warehousing space, as well as a ten bay, 24/7 cross dock facility capable of handling approximately 300 trailers per week. NTEX makes every effort to ensure that all of the equipment that it uses is less than three years old, allowing it to keep up-to-date with the latest design and technological innovations.

“While it is certainly true that we continuously seek to improve and adapt ourselves as a business, we feel that it is our core vision that has helped us to mould NTEX into what it is today,” explains Managing Director Steve Davis. “Service is our mantra, but more importantly it is about what our customers perceive of the service we provide, not simply how we measure our own performance. If we cannot find the right solution in the market to fulfil our goals, then we will build it ourselves, after all, we believe that nothing is impossible and that change can be good. Our culture calls for us to challenge ourselves without fear of criticism.”

With an annual growth rate of approximately 20 per cent, as well as maintained profitability, NTEX’s current sales amount to over £100 million per annum. Although it is understandably proud of its financial achievements, the company is also aware that they have not been obtained by chance. “Above anything else, the success that we have experienced has come as a result of remaining loyal to our principles, and by operating a flat, empowered and agile management structure. This has created a scenario in which we very rarely lose customers, while remaining proficient in identifying new opportunities and contracts,” Steve continues.

“In regards to our other strengths, it is our flexibility that has proven to be one of our greatest assets,” Steve adds. “Rigid distribution channels are common, and indeed necessary, in today’s marketplace where digitalisation and automation is rife, however one should never ignore the unique requirements of its customers. We never tell our customers that they must fit into a particular system, as we would rather work with them to find a solution that works best to suit their needs.”

As one would come to expect, there are numerous examples of NTEX’s activities supporting the growth of its customers, and these exist across a number of different industry sectors. “In the automotive market, for instance, we provide one of the large, multi-national car manufacturers with collection and consolidation of its suppliers’ goods from across the UK to its plants in Sweden and Belgium,” Steve details. “Goods from over 30 suppliers are collected on a daily basis and then cross docked onto the correct vehicles at our 24/7 transhipment warehouse for shipment by trailer to the continent.

“Another good example of our capabilities being put to expert use is the work we carry out on behalf of a large, well-known Swedish flooring manufacturer. For this customer, we distribute all of its products around the UK, delivering to not only retailers, but also wholesalers and end users, via a multitude of bespoke distribution channels.”

For NTEX, challenges facing the company in early 2020 include the economic uncertainty caused by factors such as the slowdown of some of the world’s bigger economies and the UK leaving the European Union, as well as the mounting demand from its customers to provide more environmentally friendly distribution channels. “While we cannot control the market that we operate in, we can make it that we are able to adapt quickly to ensure that we operate efficiently in whatever conditions we may face,” Steve declares. “This harks back to the level of flexibility we have as a business, and is what allows us to stay a step ahead of our competition.”

As for what the rest of the year holds for NTEX, continued growth is at the top of its agenda. “We want to leverage our strong foothold in the Scandinavian market, and then replicate this model across more regions in Europe,” Steve states. “Our UK distribution channels and cross dock warehouse in Immingham – with its access to the ports of Rotterdam and Zeebrugge – make for a strong platform to build these services. Meanwhile, we can also offer our capabilities to potential customers in Italy and across Iberia via our Huckapack trailers that utilise the rail networks, all of which bodes well for the future of NTEX.”

Shipping and freight forwarding specialists
85 truck and 800 trailers make up its fleet
Experiencing 20 per cent year-on-year growth