Separate before washing

Formed in 2005, Victor Marine is the consolidation of two long-established British specialist marine equipment manufacturers: Victor Pyrate and Hodge Separators. It offers customers tank washing and gas freeing equipment that to this day bear the Victor Pyrate brand, as well as a complete range of respected Hodge Oily Water Separators. Though part of the UK engineering group Samuel Hodge, Victor Marine remains a private and autonomously run company that supplies to clients worldwide.

Through its roots, Victor Marine bears more than 80 years experience of marine engineering and equipment supply and its cleaning and safety solutions are well known throughout the industry. Its products fall into three main categories. First is Victor Pyrate tank washing machines which are suitable for vessels of all sizes from small product and chemical carriers to very large crude carriers (VLCCs). Washing the interior of a tank is important both for maintenance and preventing cross contamination of cargos.

The VP Minor and VP Major therefore offer cleaning solutions for small to medium sized vessels. Both of these can be bought in either 316 stainless steel or bronze and nozzle diameters between six and 11 millimetres; this increased size also offers increased maximum jet length for the Minor of up to 14.6 metres, making it suitable for medium crude oil tankers, product and chemical tankers. It offers the same two material options as for VP Major in nozzle diameters between 11 and 18 millimetres and has a maximum jet length of 38 metres.

A tank cleaning machine requires a hose to supply water and these are also available from Victor Marine along with a number of other auxiliary products. These include VP-branded hoses in rubber that can be supplied in lengths of up to 50 metres, reels, saddles; hose connectors and spanners are also available.

The VP Watergun is a low-recoil water gun that is supplied with its own tripod stand. To provide customers with the best set-up possible, Victor Marine will carry out a shadow diagram study to confirm the ideal combination of products then deliver it in a ready-to-use state.

The Victor Pyrate brand also covers a range of gas freeing fan equipment, which play a key role in making a tank safe before cleaning commences by venting hazardous gases from the contained space. Having manufactured these products for more than 25 years, Victor Marine’s range today consists of two core fan models of different materials bearing either water or air-driven motors depending on the environment. The two core models are available in eight unique variations: the VP850A, for example, is an aluminium or stainless steel compressed air-driven fan with a depth penetration of 25 metres below deck that is ideal for aerating crude oil, chemical or product tanks.

The VP1350W Mk 5, meanwhile, is a water-driven high performance fan with a depth penetration of up to 30 metres below deck offering medium or high flow rates. It splits liquid from airflow to ensure reduced static build up, therefore increasing the safety and reliability of crude oil and product tankers. Other models available are the VP1500WS, VP1000WS, VP750WS, VP800W, VP950AS and VP650A Lite. A full complement of accessories including couplings, air ducts, fan trolleys and portable vent standpipes are available in the Victor Pyrate name.

The other major product line available is a range of oily water separators that are based on the experience Hodge Separators has developed in the market since its establishment in 1925. With environmental pollution issues more important today than ever before, separators have become an essential part of every vessel’s bilge operation. Victor Marine possesses more than 80 years of development that have led to its current models: the full four-vessel Victor MiniSep VM range and the more compact Victor MiniSep CS range designed for restricted engine rooms.

The VM series is a four vessel unit made of 316 stainless steel that are capable of cleaning between 0.5 to 4.2 cubic metres an hour. Built with independent discharge and suction pumps, the VM complies with the latest IMO MEPC 107 (49) regulations requiring 15 parts per million (ppm) oil content and bears an oil content monitor with diverter valve to ensure this. However, during testing by BV and USCG, the model in fact maintained a consistent water discharge of less than one ppm, thereby making it a high quality separator. It uses three stages to achieve the best possible cleaning solution: first, the hydrophobic high viscosity (Hi-VOR) removal system; second the oleophilic coalescing filter element; and third the adsorption granular media polishing unit.

The smaller CS model offers a similar three-stage process and oil content monitor but in dimensions able to fit within the smallest engine rooms. It offers the user between 0.25 and five cubic metres per hour of cleaning capacity. The quality of Hodge Separators mean more than 3000 are currently in service on warships, tankers, cruise liners, ferries and yachts. Victor Marine recently moved premises from its old factory in South Ockendon to West Thurrock. This million pound investment is the first time the company has moved in 37 years and is a direct result of its ongoing success. Parallel to this, it will also display at a number of industry exhibitions throughout 2011. These include Maritime Vietnam, Europort Istanbul, Nor-Shipping, Inmex India, Europort Maritime and Marintec China. With larger, newer facilities supporting it, Victor Marine will be better able to continue its upward trajectory though the market.

Looking forwards, it seems certain that Victor Marine’s success is only just beginning. Guided by parent Samuel Hodge Group and more than 80 years of experience in specialist engineering, Victor Marine’s prospects for the future growth and expansion look very positive indeed.

Recently moved to new, larger premises
Over eight decades of manufacturing experience
Names respected for quality and reliability