First-class technology

Founded in 1932 by Hans Kuenz, family-owned company Kuenz started out as a manufacturer of tower construction cranes before shifting its focus towards the production of container cranes; a development that was followed by progression into the manufacture of hydro power equipment. “In our early days we were more or less a German speaking company, however, over the last decade we have become more of an international company as a result of demand from Europe and North America. Although these markets are where you will mainly find our container cranes and hydro equipment, our products can be found all over the world; in fact, we are one of the few European companies to be selling cranes to China,” begins Michael Geiger, Sales Director at Kuenz.

Today viewed as one of the oldest and most prestigious mechanical engineering companies in the western region of Austria, Kuenz has built a solid reputation for offering first class products and services from one source and boasts a turnover of e100 million. By acting as a one-stop-shop, Kuenz is able to control the entire process from design, production, installation and commissioning, to after sales support; all of which are delivered while following best practice standards to ensure optimum quality and reliability. Meanwhile, the company boasts a high number of qualified and competent engineers, who are dedicated to ensuring the stringent standards of the firm as well as the expectations of each customer are met. These capabilities, alongside the fact it has its own in-house design, engineering and manufacturing departments, means Kuenz is able to provide accurate, high quality solutions in an efficient and timely manner.

Benefiting from decades of experience in crane construction, Kuenz has gained strong expertise in the delivery of first-class quality products and has developed a broad product portfolio to meet the needs of its global customer base. Split into four segments, the company’s portfolio includes container cranes, tankhouse cranes, heavy lift cranes and custom cranes. On top of this, the company provides customers with a range of products within the hydro sector; these include high pressure gates, weir gates, powerhouse cranes and trash rack cleaning machines.

“Key to our competitiveness is our ability to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that we try to combine to stay one step ahead in the market,” explains Michael. “For example, over the last 30 years, particularly in Europe, it has become clear that each container crane cannot be built like the next as our customers have different requirements. When it comes to the rail mounted container gantry cranes, which are designed as a two-girder bridge, some customers may have different sizes of land or be dedicated to different operations; some have gateway terminals and others have small terminals. In response to changes in the market, we have come up with a lot of different designs, ideas and innovations to ensure we have the right product available. When it comes to this market you can’t have a one system fits all mentality,” he adds.

Proud to deliver smooth connections to the hinterland, Kuenz has further enhanced operations for customers through its patented technology – the rotating travelling gear. This innovative solution enables all wheels to run on the track, which reduces wear reduction of the wheel flanges and thus increase the lifetime of the wheels significantly. Furthermore, the company’s in-house developed and supported crane management system (CMS), completed with integrated remote fault finding function, guarantees optimised support throughout maintenance and operation. Also available to customers within this segment are the intermodal barge cranes, sophisticated automated container stacking cranes and spreaders. As one of the few crane suppliers to manufacture its own spreaders, the company is able to provide customers with a perfectly co-ordinated total package that ensures a high level of safety.

These strengths have resulted in a number of notable contracts for the company, with GCT Canada announcing its order of eight electric, wide-span cranes (WSC’s) from Kuenz in November 2015. Selected for their proven reliability, productivity and sustainable innovation, the 41-tonne lift capacity, state-of-the-art cranes will increase train handling speed at GCT Deltaport and streamline equipment maintenance procedures.

Alongside this project, Kuenz was also awarded a contract for the supply of 12 automated stacking cranes for the Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB) by long-term customer Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA). Boasting a lifting capacity of 42 tonnes, the ASC’s will be delivered in Spring 2016. “In the past we delivered 52 ASC’s to HHLA’s Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA); because the customer was pleased with the performance given at CTA they have returned to us for phase two of the Burchardkai transformation project,” explains Michael.

Well-renowned for providing specific solutions for clients, Kuenz aims to maintain this solid reputation by continuing to work closely with terminal owners, which will not only ensure customer satisfaction but also enables the firm to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to upcoming trends and demands in the market. “Over the coming years we will develop our products in-house in accordance with customer needs while also increasing our market share and expanding more internationally. As equipment becomes increasingly more intelligent it is important to have our R&D and manufacturing operations in-house; if we didn’t it would be difficult to have a continuous process of innovation,” concludes Michael.

Manufactures intermodal cranes

EUR 100 million turnover

Control entire production process