Going global

Pioneering the NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) service, Ecu-Line has redefined its global LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) operations with its wide network in over 164 countries, making it equipped to cater to ever kind of business need. In line with its strategy to strengthen its presence in new markets, the global leader has revamped its logo and name to thrust its leadership across all geographies, with Africa being one of its key targets.

With its new logo introduced in May 2016, the company will also be changing its name from Ecu-Line to Ecu-Worldwide; these developments will also coincide with a new slogan: ‘Geography simplified’. Keen to focus on its global presence, these changes also highlight Ecu-Line’s commitment to being viewed as a multinational logistics company. In fact, Ecu-Worldwide belongs to the Avvashya group of companies, which is also the parent company of Allcargo global logistics. Headquartered in Mumbai, the Avvashya Group has been one of the Indian success stories in the logistics field for over two decades, and this new look from one of its subsidiaries infuses freshness and energy to make its identity more contemporary.

With offices in Africa, the US, Latin America, Europe, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and the Sub Indian continent, Ecu-Worldwide is truly capable of taking care of its customers LCL shipments across the globe. In Africa alone, Ecu-Worldwide runs 13 offices and has partnered with reputed associates, providing hinterland services to all major countries in Africa. Through 27 direct export lanes out of Africa and more than 100 direct import lanes into Africa, the company is present in the majority of major seaports in Africa. As many freight forwarders still lack a proper presence on the continent, Ecu-Worldwide offices and agents also offer their services to forwarders that need a reliable partner on the continent

Now is the time to be present in Africa and who better than Ecu-Worldwide for a dependable partner?
Africa has emerged as an important part of the operations and strategy that is in place for Ecu-Worldwide. Indeed, with a wide network of trade lanes, it offers vast possibilities to seek and do business around its coastline. On top of this, the continent houses some of the most buzzing economies, which are keen to expand their business interests to other continents. Despite the global economic crisis, the region has witnessed rapid growth, which also indicates a bright future ahead, with countries that are not resource-rich also witnessing an increase in their GDP. With poverty on the decline and opportunities to be had, the region is attracting serious amounts of private capital.

Collectively, all of these developments have resulted in Africa being projected as the second fastest growing region in the world by 2020, with the continent witnessing growth across multiple sectors like tourism, infrastructure, agriculture, FMCG and mining. This large scale economic activity gives Ecu-Worldwide immense confidence about the growth that this continent is posed for and is happy to assist and be a part of this growth story with its own hubs based in strategically located ports. With 25 years of adhering to high service standards, Ecu-Line has a proven track record in the market; it also boasts exclusive partners and delivers more than 5.5 million freight tons across the globe annually.

Furthermore, the company’s LCL services have provided good benefits to its customers across the globe over the years, and through the acquisition of FCL marine, an FCL NVO, Ecu-Line is now one of the frontrunners for FCL as well. Following this acquisition, Ecu Worldwide has introduced new services that will support the operations of its business partners in the region.

On the LCL side, new direct services were launched from France, Le Havre/Abidjan in January, with a service from Marseille/Abidjan following suit in February. Furthermore, two new services into West Africa have been launched from Milan, one into Abidjan and one into Dakar; these will operate on a fortnightly basis. Additionally, from South East Asia, the company has launched services from Hong Kong to Abidjan; these services link China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan. Alongside these developments, the LCL giant increased its frequency from the UK into Tema port to weekly from February 2016.

Meanwhile, in April 2016, Ecu Line launched a new direct lane LCL service out of Antwerp and into Port Said. Further developments are looked at for Algerian ports. Naturally, West Africa remains a vital part of the company’s development on the continent with Ecu-Worldwide servicing more destinations than any of its competitors.

On top of that Ecu-Worldwide will also complement its already existing sea services into Maghreb with a complementary truck service going from Belgium and The Netherlands into Morocco; this new service is anticipated to be launched in July 2016. Ecu-Worldwide France is also expanding its services into Morocco with a truck service in view of the growing demand for this product with the expectation that this development will open the door for more truck services into North Africa.

With regards to East Africa, Ecu-Worldwide is increasing its presence into this market and also relaunched the Massawa service in February 2016. Focus is being put on the development of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi and the eastern part of the DRC. Ecu-Worldwide has its own offices in Nairobi and Mombasa and a dedicated Ecu-Worldwide representative with the agent in Tanzania; these teams also offer air services, customs clearance and inland trucking, with over-sized cargoes being handled more and more in this area. These services are also offered into the Sudan, as well as Djibouti and Ethiopia.

When it comes to the company’s presence in South Africa, Ecu-Worldwide has four offices that strongly focus on promoting the overborder cargoes into Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique as well as options for the eastern DRC. The company caters to the needs of everybody by offering direct lanes from Europe, Asia and the US into South Africa.

With a comprehensive expansion of trade lanes, Ecu-Worldwide has access to all major seaports in Africa, thus giving its customers a convenient gateway to the continent. With a bright future ahead of it, Ecu-Worldwide will continue to work with reputable shipping lines with the goal of offering a wide scope for possible direct calls. Furthermore, Ecu-Worldwide is offering airfreight into Africa, which will further cement its reputation as a strong global player when it comes to NVOCC services, both in the African region and across the world.


  • International NVOCC cargo shipping company
  • Launching shipping lines into West Africa from Europe
  • In process of revamping company with new name, logo and slogan