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Established in 2008, PT Anggrek Hitam is the proud owner and operator of a modern and successful shipyard in Batam, Indonesia. A subsidiary of Holotan Pte Ltd (Singapore), the company acquired a land area of approximately ten hectares in the year of its inception, which has a deepwater frontage of 300 metres; since then the company developed the land into a fully operating shipyard with ground stabilisation and infrastructure comprised of workshops, offices and a jetty. Today services available to customers include shipbuilding, ship repair, naval architecture, marine fitting, steel cutting, steel painting and blasting and steel bending.

Located a mere 20 kilometres from Singapore, the strategically based shipyard can be reached by ferry in less than an hour; this close proximity not only benefits PT Anggrek Hitam in terms of marketing and business development, but also enables the company to take advantage of Singapore’s logistic hub, personnel and equipment. Indeed, this ideal location has resulted in access to numerous international blue chip suppliers, a strong network comprised of qualified specialists, efficient and expedited international deliveries, alongside transportation of two voyages and two air freights per day and access to many specialist sub-contractors. Additionally, Batam has been a free-trade zone since 1989, which offers a simplified and economical import and export environment for those operating in the area.

Founded independently and driven by the ownership of Indonesia citizens, PT Anggrek Hitam is fully supported by its parent company as it continues to achieve growth, success and a solid reputation for quality. Since being awarded its first contract for a deck cargo ship with capacity amounting to 12,000 deadweight tonnes, while still in the process of completing the yard, the company has improved both facilities and project delivery. For example, the yard itself now focuses on engineering and has its own in-house team and project management department, while the labour is subcontracted to external partners. This way of operating means there is greater flexibility when it comes to managing several projects at the same time at the shipyard as workers can be increased according to the number of contracts at any given time.

Furthermore, the company has also gained recognition through numerous certifications and licences, such as ISO 9001:2008, RINA and CISQ/IQNET; it is also certified by Hamburg-based Germanisher Lloyd for prefabrication services. In addition to a focus on quality, PT Anggrek Hitam is also renowned for its commitment to safety, with the company reaching two million man-hours without any lost time injury (LTI) in August 2014. This was beaten in October 2015, when the company announced it had reached five million man hours without LTI.

Having created the shipyard from scratch, PT Anggrek Hitam has ensured it can carry out construction projects effectively. Facilities include four building berths, a large fabrication area and workshops. Within the workshops, the company has a number of facilities, not limited to but including a CNC plasma cutting machine, an autoblasting and shop priming workshop, a steel storage warehouse, bending and welding machines; two units of 100 tonne mobile cranes, two units of 70 tonne mobile cranes, one unit of a 40 tonne mobile crane; one unit of a seven tonne lorry crane; automatic welding machines and automatic cutting machines. Designed for a production output of 25,000 tonnes of steel per annum, the shipyard has also calibrated its infrastructure for the construction of self-propelled deck carriers up to 20,000 deadweight tonnes and floating cranes.

A recent project was announced for the company in the first quarter of 2016, when state-owned oil and gas firm PT Pertamina ordered eight tanker vessels with a total investment of $200 million. PT Anggrek Hitam was one of the three local shipbuilders chosen for the construction of the tankers and will be constructing MT Parigi and MT Pattimura. Each of the eight vessels will have a dead weight tonnage of approximately 17,500 metric tonnes, will be environmentally friendly, with strong safety measures and will also meet international regulatory requirements.

With a wide range of vessel types of various classes and ranges in capacity in its portfolio, PT Anggrek Hitam is certain to remain busy as it further strengthens its reputation for building vessels of exceptional quality in a safe and reputable manner. From fuel oil & chemical tank barges to supply vessels or product oil tankers, PT Anggrek Hitam and its dedicated, fully AMDAL (Environmental Impact Analysis Recognition) compliant team has developed an operating method that ensures optimum quality in all areas of operation each and every time.

PT Anggrek Hitam

  • Indonesian shipyard able to build vessels above 10,000 DWT
  • Expanded workforce in 2015
  • Reached five million man hours without LTI by October 2015