Completed with care

It was in October 2007 that a dynamic new company called AMAC Aerospace took the first major step in its development by signing a 35-year land lease agreement with Switzerland’s EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse. This was the starting point for the company to commence with the building of its first state-of-the-art hangar from which to offer its maintenance and completion services.

What began with a single, 4200 square metre hangar, serving the likes of Boeing, Airbus and Gulfstream, has since expanded to incorporate four maintenance and production facility hangars within Basel airport’s new expansion zone, offering a combined total of more than 28,000 square metres of floor space, and more than 6000 square metres of workshop and office space. With new facilities now extending its reach into the Middle East, AMAC Aerospace is today one of the largest privately owned facilities in the world to offer narrow and widebody VIP maintenance and completion services for the corporate and private aviation market.

“It was roughly five years ago, having firmly established ourselves within Europe, that we began to examine ways of expanding our global presence,” begins AMAC Aerospace’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Bernd Schramm. “The answer was to acquire a hangar at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Turkey, from which we are now providing line maintenance for Airbus’ A319, A320 and A321 aircraft, as well as the Dassault Falcon 7X, 900, 900 EX EASy, 2000 and 2000 EX EASy. In the last 12 months, we have also commenced with the construction of a second hangar in Turkey, this time at the Milas-Bodrum Airport in Milas on the Turkish Rivera. Here we are building a Boeing 777 sized hangar, from which we will be able to offer maintenance services for VIP customers and airline tour operators. This newest facility is on track to be inaugurated in September 2017.”

In 2016, the company also made a significant, strategic acquisition when it acquired French aviation service provider, JCB Aero. “JCB Aero is a company that we have a long history of working alongside,” Bernd continues. “As leading specialists in aircraft and helicopter interiors, and the manufacturing of raw and semi-finished materials such as special honeycombed panels and moulded shells, we recognised how the purchase of JCB Aero would greatly extend our own capabilities, as well as open up channels to new customers and markets.”

As they make up many of the leading blue chip players within the aerospace industry, it comes as no surprise that AMAC Aerospace’s customers employ stringent expectations upon the work that it carries out on their aircraft. This makes it all the more impressive that feedback from said customers to the company’s work is universally high. “In addition to the accessibility of our management teams and our ability to deliver on-time requests, the single most important thing for our customers is the quality of our maintenance and completion work,” Bernd stresses. “We have always ensured that the quality of our work matches the commitments we make, and this has become well noted within the industry. The aviation world can actually be a rather small place and this means that if you are able to provide a quality service, word of this spreads very quickly and this has benefitted ourselves greatly over the years.”

Since its formation, AMAC has successfully completed some 30 large-scale projects, averaging two-to-three per year. In May 2017, the company announced another landmark event with the successful completion and returning to service of its first Boeing BBJ Demonstrator aircraft project. “This particular project represented a hugely prestigious opportunity to showcase our completion centre capabilities and highquality workmanship,” Bernd enthuses. “The fact that Boeing choose AMAC Aerospace for this particular project is perhaps the best example we can give to show that what we are doing is of the very highest of standards that the industry has to offer. It also demonstrates the immense trust that Boeing has in the work we carry out, trust which was again wholly justified with the on-time and within-budget return of their aircraft.”

While the aviation market as a whole may be facing some challenges at present, most specifically those related to the softening of oil prices and political uncertainty within the Middle East, AMAC Aerospace’s future looks strong. “We continue to receive a steady stream of requests for quotations from our customers, and we stand ready to facilitate the maintenance and completion of the next generation of green aircraft, with a contract already secured for Airbus’ first A320neo project in 2018,” Bernd adds. “We always strive to maintain a good balance between our maintenance and completion activities, giving us a stable and plannable workload, something that has continued to serve us well into 2017, and will do so beyond.”

AMAC Aerospace
Hangar facilities in Europe and the Middle East
Blue chip clients include Boeing and Airbus
Completed work on the Boeing BBJ Demonstrator aircraft in 2017