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With line stations, at more than 30 different international airports and a customer base that includes Lufthansa, Emirates, Swiss International Airlines and easyJet, Storm Aviation is the ideal international partner for those seeking 24-hour line maintenance. Established in 1996, the company was originally owned by management teams and VC investors, however in September 2011, 100 per cent of Storm Aviation was acquired by Lithuanian-based FL Technics.

Furthermore, FL Technics is part of Avia Solutions Group, a WSE listed company comprised of more than 17 subsidiaries that provide aviation business solutions and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services such as supply chain, pilot and crew training; aviation staff leasing, aircraft fuelling, ground handling, aircraft management, business charter, airport management and other aviation related services. The acquisition created one of the largest networks of independent line stations across European and CIS countries while also expanding FL Technics aircraft capabilities into aircraft types such as A330, A340, A380, B747 and B777. It also enabled FL Technics to access new markets and customers that had long-standing relationships with Storm Aviation.

Under the umbrella of FL Technics and Avia Solutions Group, Storm Aviation remains a UK registered MRO company that operates under a UK issued EASA Part- 145 (approval number UK. 145.01041) and EASA Part-147 (UK.147.0057). Holding various other NAA approvals means that it has a true global outreach to perform its services which include Base Maintenance, AOG recoveries, Line Maintenance & A-checks.

“We are a very safety and quality conscious organisation; while other companies talk about it, we are proud to go out and do it. In fact, we have a mantra: Safety, Quality, Sustainability, because we know if any one of those elements is missing your business is dead in the water,” says Thomas Buckley, CEO of Storm Aviation. “The mantra is also in the order of importance, with safety always coming first; this is stressed to all of our people from myself as well as the other Senior Managers, so it truly is a top down initiative. With engineers operating across the UK, Europe and further afield, I try to ensure I am around to see them when they visit the head office so we can sit down and discuss key matters such as their safety as an individual, as a team and also the safety of the passengers on board the aircraft. It’s also a great forum in which to hear their thoughts and ideas on how the business is doing as ultimately we are a service provider and our people are our product. Taking the time to listen to them and interact is something I find invaluable.”

With safety and quality at the heart of Storm Aviation’s operations, the company continues to invest time in its personnel with the aim of becoming one of the safest and most open organisations in Europe. With this in mind, the company is willing to share its safety data with any other organisation with the goal of sharing information and thus helping to prevent accidents in the future. “If we get a near miss, we share this information too so companies can see how we prevented it; we are very open and if it results in a safer industry then we are pleased to support this,” says Ian Jones, Commercial Director at Storm Aviation.

Not only investing in personnel, Storm Aviation has recently branched out into the Diamond Hangar in Stansted, of which it has three bays in the West side. “This is a fantastic facility that gives us immense opportunity to grow,” says Thomas. “Whilst we will always focus on maintaining and keeping our line maintenance customers happy and will always look to expand on this, we now also have the opportunity to offer services up to C checks. Whilst we have no interest in performing actual C checks, we instead are focusing on the shorter input, faster throughput, low man hour work scopes with the aim to ultimately be much more flexible for our customers.”

Keeping aircraft safe for more than 20 years, Storm Aviation will continue to deliver high quality services to its 40+ international customers over the coming years through flexibility and a commitment to working to the most stringent of standards. As market trends change and the demands of customers develop, the recently relocated Storm Aviation will be ready and willing to adapt in a manner that ensures customers achieve safety, quality and sustainability ahead of their competitors.

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